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$68.99 Water Sports

Gibbs Cay Stingray and Snorkel Adventure in Grand Turk

After hotel or port pickup in Grand Turk, board a power catamaran for a comfortable 15-minute ride to Gibbs Cay for your stingray encounter. On the way, view other uninhabited and interconnected Caribbean islands in Grand Turk Cays Land and Sea National Park. Your guide will make a stop for your small group to snorkel in the barrier reef, where parrot fish and butterfly fish are among the myriad species that swim through the colorful corals.Arrive at Gibbs Cay, established as the best place in Turks and Caicos to see the southern stingrays. Stand in less than 2 feet (.6 meters) of water near the shore – shallow enough for small children to feel comfortable. You'll descend into the crystal-clear waters from the white sands at unspoiled Gibbs Cay Beach and watch the graceful stingrays glide along the surface. Your guide will explain their biology and behavior, in addition to how they’ve adapted to the human presence in these protected waters. While you swim and snorkel with the stingrays, learn about their breeding and eating patterns as well as how they deter and hide from predators. If you’d like, spend some free time lounging on the island or combing its beach for seashells. Don’t miss a chance to get a photo with the stingrays for bragging rights when you return home! After your amazing experience, your guide will deliver you by catamaran and motorized vehicle to your Grand Turk hotel or the cruise ship terminal.

$68.99 Water Sports

Caribbean Snorkel Tour in Grand Turk's Coral Reef

Grand Turk’s reputation as one of the world’s top diving destinations means it boasts some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean as well. Explore the beauty of Turks and Caicos’ underwater world at two great snorkel sites. After pickup from your hotel in the morning or afternoon (depending on your choice), hop aboard a boat for a short ride over crystal-clear waters. Your first destination is a shallow reef where your boat captain-guide teaches basic snorkeling techniques before you stop to snorkel on the wall -- a spot where the sea floor suddenly drops in depth. Glide over coral gardens in the protected marine park, and come face to face with a variety of colorful tropical fish – or even stroke a stingray – in this sanctuary of natural beauty and diversity. Your guide, trained to identify species of fish and invertebrates, will focus on your comfort and safety at all times.Then, take a peek into the abyss while snorkeling the wall, where you’ll get a chance to try free diving with your guide. Hover where the water, just 15 feet (5 meters) deep, quickly descends to 7,000 feet (2,133 meters)! Marvel as scuba divers from all over the world disappear into the breathtaking, mysterious depths. You’ll be amazed by the pristine surroundings of this unforgettable underwater world, After you discover the abundance of marine life inhabiting the Caribbean Sea, your captain will return you to shore, where you'll be dropped off at your hotel.

$30 Tours & Sightseeing

Grand Turk Historical Sightseeing Tour by Tram

Your Grand Turk sightseeing tour starts at the tram station near the cruise terminal on the southern end of the island. After boarding the open-sided tram, set off on a route that takes you all the way up to Grand Turk’s northern tip. During the tour, your local guide will narrate with fun facts and information about the island, pointing out old churches, inns, cannons, windmills and other historical attractions, and helping you spot wild horses and donkeys. Pass by Governor’s Beach and the Space Capsule on your way to Cockburn Town, where you’ll stop to enjoy a cool drink (not included in tour price) and food tastings by local merchants. You’ll also have the chance to shop for gifts and souvenirs. Then hop back on the tram to continue north, passing by Her Majesty’s Prison, built in the 1830s, and the National Museum, housed in a colonial building. Travel by Crabtree Park and North Creek on your way to the Grand Turk Lighthouse, perched on the northern end of Grand Turk. Built in 1852, it’s the only lighthouse in the Turks and Caicos. After snapping a few photos, head back down the island. The journey through Grand Turk also takes you past the island’s salt ponds, known as ‘salinas.’ These remnants of the country’s old salt industry are now home to flamingos and other tropical birds. As you go by them on the tram, your guide will tell you about the natural formation of the saltwater ponds and about the history of the industry, which dates back to the 1600s. Your tour ends with return to the tram station.

$105 Water Sports

Grand Turk Gibbs Cay Snorkel Adventure

Once you meet your guide near the cruise ship port, your tour begins with a shallow snorkel at a reef on the west side. Here you'll have a chance to see nurse sharks up close and explore the beautiful coral reef. Dive through small tunnels and peep in crevices to see small creatures.  Then, you'll continue to the wall snorkel, which is actually a drop-off that starts at 35 feet (10 meters) and gradually drops down to 7,000 feet (2,133 meters). Here you can see many different species of fish and coral. The wall is famous for an abundance of marine life. Here, you can feed the fish right out of your hands. Sea turtles, eels, dolphins are only some of the marine life you may see at the wall. Next, you're off to the opposite side of the island. Your guide does a conch dive, which you are also encouraged to join if you're feeling adventurous. After an exciting conch demo, some will be taken away to make a delicious conch salad. Snorkel around Gibbs Cay, see stingrays and relax on the beautiful beach before returning to your cruise point.

$65 Shore Excursions

Turks and Caicos 2- Stop Snorkeling Shore Excursion

Once checked in at the customer service tent, you are offered soft drinks or rum punch as you wait for your tour. Then off you go, first passing the Governor's Mansion on Governor's Beach. This tour is all narrated for your convenience every step of the way. Once at the first snorkel stop, a shallow one, guests have a chance to see friendly nurse sharks. Explore the beautiful coral reef, seeing different spices of coral like brain coral, sponge coral and fire coral. Also, check out the many spices of fish and marine life. Dive through tunnels and peep into caves and craves.As the boat rides on to the second stop, guests get a chance to see and hear about the historic downtown and the once-striving salt industry. Once at the second snorkel, "the Amazing Wall," guests may plunge into the crystal clear ocean where an abundance of fish are always ready and waiting for you to feed them. Guest are given bread to feed the fish. Here, guests have the chance to swim with dolphins and likely see game fish, large groupers, turtles and rays. The drop-off amazes you as you look down and over into the clear ocean as it slowly drops off to 7,000 feet. Here, the suns rays shining down through the crystal water give off a blue glare and white glare, as looking off into the heavens. When in season, the humpback whales pass through and guests can hear them sing and often see them breach in the near distance.

$109.99 Water Sports

Grand Turk Multi-Stop Snorkeling Tour with Conch Salad

Climb aboard a boat at Grand Turk Beach for an awesome excursion to the Coral Garden, the Amazing Wall and Gibbs Cay. Whether you are an avid snorkeler or just a beginner, this is an opportunity to get to know the beautiful sea life right below you.Begin the tour by visiting a shallow reef called the Coral Gardens Reef. At this sight you will see bright colorful fish, turtles, assorted soft and hard corals and stingrays. Weather permitted, you might even encounter one of the reef's resident nurse sharks.The second stop is the Amazing Wall. The Amazing Wall is a coral shelf that depths start at just 20 feet then drop to 70 feet another drop off at 700 feet then fall off to 7,000 feet and beyond. The views of these drops are breathtaking along with all of the beautiful sea life you and your group will see. Such as soft and hard corals, sea fans, colorful fish and turtles of all sizes.Take a 15-minute ride to Gibbs Cay, an uninhabited island with powdery white sand and offers the deserted island feel you often dream of experiencing when vacationing. On the way to Gibbs Cay the captain will dive for live conch, you can even join in. Upon arrival at Gibbs Cay see a live conch demonstration and taste fresh conch salad prepared by the crew. Guests can even take home a conch shell.