Must see attractions in Providenciales

  • Grace Bay Beach

    Several kilometers long – the frequently boasted '12 miles' (19km) only applies if you measure the entire northern coast of Provo, which is, admittedly,…

  • C

    Chalk Sound National Park

    Chalk Sound sums up Provo: a startlingly turquoise 5km lagoon studded with tiny cays sheltering Turks and Caicos rock iguanas, but marred by less-than…

  • T

    Turk's Head Brewery

    TCI's only brewery produces six excellent varieties, including the strong IPA 'Down Da Road' and a seasonal stout. Brewery tours are a popular way to see…

  • L

    Long Bay Beach

    This windy, less frequented beach on Provo's southern shore is ideal for kitesurfing.

  • C

    Cheshire Hall

    Built in the late 1700s by a British Loyalist planter displaced by the American Revolution, Cheshire Hall was once the most important site on Provo, the…

  • S

    Sapodilla Hill

    TCI's long maritime history is etched into the limestone on Sapodilla Hill, where mariners have commemorated landfall by carving names, dates and pictures…

  • V

    Village at Grace Bay Museum

    The Providenciales location of the Turks & Caicos National Museum is located in the Village at Grace Bay development and features some heritage buildings…