Must see attractions in Selçuk

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    Ayasuluk Fortress

    Selçuk’s crowning achievement is accessed on the same ticket as the Basilica of St John, once the citadel's principal structure. Earlier and extensive…

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    Ephesus Museum

    An essential stop on every Ephesus itinerary, this small museum contains artefacts from the ancient city, including scales, jewellery and cosmetic boxes…

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    Basilica of St John

    Despite a century of restoration, the once-great basilica built by Byzantine Emperor Justinian (r 527–565) remains a skeleton of its former self…

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    İsa Bey Camii

    At the southern base of Ayasuluk Hill, this imposing mosque was built in a post-Seljuk/pre-Ottoman transitional style, when Selçuk was capital of the…

  • Ç

    Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum

    Trainspotters will delight in this open-air museum, in an attractively landscaped site, which has three-dozen rusting steam locomotives, some as old as…

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    Roman & Byzantine Aqueduct

    Running eastward from the southern base of Ayasuluk Hill, the remains of this long and quite tall Roman and Byzantine aqueduct are festively adorned with…

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    Temple of Artemis

    In an empty field to the west of the centre, this lone reconstructed pillar is all that remains of the massive Temple of Artemis (or Artemision), built…