Must-see shopping in The Marquesas

  • Fare Artisanal

    Nuku Hiva

    Next to the tourist office, the fare artisanal (craft centre) is a good place to stock up on monoi (fragrant oil), necklaces, bracelets and carvings.

  • Damas Taupotini

    Nuku Hiva

    Master carver Damas Taupotini has a workshop across the road from Pae Pae Piki Vehine. He carves pieces from bone, wood and stone.

  • Edgar Tamarii

    Nuku Hiva

    Another renowned carver is Edgar Tamarii, whose workshop is located near Moana Nui hotel. He specialises in woodcarvings.

  • Crafts Centre

    The Marquesas

    Woodcarvings by 'Ua Pou masters as well as seed necklaces and other local crafts.