Must-see attractions in Palma de Mallorca

  • C
    Casal Solleric

    This grand 18th-century baroque mansion with the typical Palma courtyard of graceful broad arches and uneven stone paving is at once a cultural centre…

  • A
    Almacenes El Águila

    Gaspar Bennázar (1869–1933) – one of the most influential architects in modern Palma, his native city – played with various styles during his long career,…

  • E
    Església de Santa Creu

    Work on the original Gothic Church of the Holy Cross, one of Palma's original parish churches, began in 1335. The main entrance (Carrer de Santa Creu 7)…

  • C
    Castell de Sant Carles

    More of a fort than a castle, the Castell de Sant Carles is home to the Museu Històric Militar. Built between 1610 and 1612 on the site of an old…

  • M
    Museu de Mallorca

    This excellent city museum is housed in a rambling ensemble of 17th-century mansions on Carrer de la Portella. It showcases a collection of archaeological…

  • A
    Arc de sa Drassana

    A grand arch dominated by the Palau de l'Almudaina, the Arc de sa Drassana is one of the city's few extant reminders of its Arab past. When the Riera, the…

  • C
    Can Marquès

    With its broad, cobbled courtyard, graced by tumescent cylindrical columns and a grand staircase, the Can Marquès is one of Old Palma's most beautiful…

  • J
    Jardí del Bisbe

    Adjoining the Palau Episcopal is the Jardí del Bisbe, a small, tranquil botanic garden that offers cool respite from a day's hot sightseeing. Stroll among…

  • P
    Porta de l'Almudaina

    The arch over Carrer de l'Almudaina east of Can Bordils is intriguing for history buffs, part of a rare stretch of defensive wall and tower. It is said to…

  • C
    Centre Cultural Contemporani Pelaires

    This private cultural centre – Palma's first dedicated contemporary-art space – is as interesting for its architecture as for its ever-changing…

  • A
    Arab City Wall

    On the eastern rim of the Old Town you strike a portion of the 12th-century Arab city wall (with some heavy blocks from the Roman wall at the base),…

  • C
    Can Bordils

    This 16th-century mansion with a 17th-century courtyard is home to the Arxiu Municipal, which sometimes holds temporary exhibitions. Unlike many of Palma…

  • L
    La Caja Blanca

    Inspired by contemporary-art spaces in London, the 'White Box' showcases edgy Mallorcan and international artists in a stark, minimalist space. It stages…

  • P
    Parc de la Mar

    In 1984 the Parc de la Mar (with its artificial lake, fountain and green spaces) was opened. Head slightly east and you'll reach a children's playground.

  • G
    Galeria K

    This innovative little commercial gallery presents Spanish and European painters, sculptors, photographers and printmakers.

  • C
    Can Oms

    The 18th-century baroque pati of this grand house is one of Palma's most beautiful and visible from the street.

  • C
    Can Catlar del Llorer

    Dating back to medieval (and possibly even Arab) Palma, this house boasts one of the city's oldest courtyards.

  • E
    Església de Santa Magdalena

    The main claim to fame of the baroque Església de Santa Magdalena is as the resting place of Santa Catalina Thomàs of Valldemossa. Her clothed remains are…

  • C
    Centre de Cultura Sa Nostra

    The big Balearic building society, Sa Nostra, runs this cultural foundation in Can Castelló, where it stages exhibitions, performances and talks. Keep an…

  • E
    Església de Sant Crist de la Sang

    Within the Hospital General (founded in the 16th century), you can behold the Gothic facade of this church. It is an object of pilgrimage and devotion,…