Must-see attractions in KwaZulu-Natal

  • Winterton Museum

    This small museum is stuffed with insightful exhibits on San rock art, Zulu history and the Anglo-Boer war, specifically the Spioenkop battle.

  • Fort

    Opposite Settlers Dr is a wall with loopholes from the original fort, built as a refuge from Zulu attack and now part of the police station.

  • Tekweni Beach

    The windy location makes surfing less popular here than at other beaches on the Golden Mile. It has a very hairy shorebreak.

  • Modern Memorial Church

    The words of the Vow that the Voortrekkers made with God at the Battle of Blood River are in the Modern Memorial Church.

  • Dick King Statue

    A statue commemorating Dick King (Richard Philip King), who brought reinforcements during the 1842 siege of Durban.

  • Church of the Vow

    The Church of the Vow was built in 1841 to fulfil the Voortrekkers’ promise to God at the Battle of Blood River.

  • City Hall

    The colonial-era City Hall is the largest load-bearing red-brick building in the southern hemisphere.

  • Castor & Pollux

    Outside the town hall are two guns, Castor and Pollux, used by the British in defence of Ladysmith.

  • Bhejane Waterhole & Hide

    Elephants are known to congregate and bathe at this borehole in the iMfolozi section of the park.

  • Hindu Temples

    Three Hindu Temples grace the northern end of Langalibalele St.

  • Mosque

    Pietermaritzburg's main mosque.

  • Didima San Rock Art Centre

    The Didima San Art Centre, at Didima Camp 1km into Royal Natal National Park, offers an insight into San rock art, though sadly many of the exhibits,…

  • KwaNodwengu

    Opposite the large former Legislative Assembly building is the site of King Mpande’s iKhanda (palace), KwaNodwengu. Mpande won control from Dingaan after…