Must-see attractions in Southwestern Slovenia

  • Tartini House

    Tartini House was the birthplace of composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini. Today it's the base of Piran's Italian community and is used for cultural…

  • Muda Gate

    At the southern end of Prešernov trg is the Muda Gate. Erected in 1516, it's the last of a dozen such entrances to remain standing. On the south side of…

  • Shell Museum

    This engaging little museum is a cornucopia of more than 4000 shells from across the world (including the world's largest snail shell); the 3D exhibits of…

  • Municipal Hall

    The porticoed 19th-century Municipal Hall (home to the tourist information centre) dominates the northwestern edge of Tartinijev trg.

  • Church of St Mary of Haliaetum

    This central church dates from around the latter 11th century and has been lovingly restored. It has no set opening times, but is generally left open…

  • Armoury

    On the western side of Titov trg, the Armoury was a munitions dump four centuries ago. The whitewashed facade is striking, the block-rectangle shape…

  • Museum of Underwater Activities

    One for diving enthusiasts, this museum makes much of Piran’s close association with the sea. Particularly noteworthy are all the old diving suits and…

  • Statue of Giuseppe Tartini

    The statue of the nattily dressed gentleman in the centre of Tartinijev trg is that of native son, composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini (1692–1770).

  • Church of St Peter

    To the east of Tartinijev trg is the 1818 Church of St Peter. As with most Piran churches, the richly adorned interior is visible through the grille.

  • Aquarium Piran

    The aquarium gets mixed reviews: overall it's small and overpriced, but may be something for a rainy day.

  • Church of St James

    Just off Trg Brolo is the disused Church of St James dating to the 14th century.

  • Court House

    The Court House dominates the western edge of Tartinijev trg.