Must-see attractions in Southwestern Slovenia

  • M
    Manzioli House

    The Venetian Gothic Manzioli House was built in 1470 and was the residence of an Istrian chronicler in the 16th century. Today it houses the bureau…

  • D
    Dobrovo Castle

    The Renaissance-style Dobrovo Castle, dating from 1606, has a handful of rooms filled with artworks and period furnishings (limited labelling). There's a…

  • B
    Belgramoni-Tacco Palace

    The Belgramoni-Tacco Palace, dating from the early 17th century, houses the Koper Regional Museum. Not surprisingly given its construction date, there's a…

  • C
    City Tower

    Plumb on Titov trg is the Cathedral of the Assumption and its 36m-tall belfry, now called the City Tower, with 204 climbable stairs. Tickets are sold at…

  • C
    Church of St Nicholas

    On the north side of Kidričeva ulica there are several disused churches from the 16th century, including the Church of St Nicholas. The exterior is…

  • P
    Parish Church of St Maurus

    This renovated, salmon-coloured, 16th-century church and its detached bell tower are on the hill above the town. The views are the main reason to climb up…

  • R
    Rotunda of John the Baptist

    Behind the Cathedral of the Assumption to the north is a circular Romanesque Rotunda of John the Baptist, a baptistery dating from the second half of the…

  • B
    Brutti Palace

    Linked to Titov trg to the east, Trg Brolo is a wide and leafy square of fine old buildings, including the late-18th-century baroque Brutti Palace, now…

  • M
    Municipal Palace

    On Veliki trg is the Municipal Palace, which now houses offices of the local council. It was built in Gothic style in 1325; but the present baroque facade…

  • C
    Column of St Justina

    The Column of St Justina commemorates Koper's contribution – a galley – to the Battle of Lepanto in which Turkey was defeated by the European powers in…

  • F

    On the eastern side of Trg Brolo is the Fontico, a granary where the town’s wheat was once stored, with wonderful medallions and reliefs adorning the…

  • M
    Medieval Town Houses

    Opposite the Totto Palace are some wonderful medieval town houses, with protruding upper storeys painted in a checked red, gold and green pattern.

  • T
    Totto Palace

    On the north side of Kidričeva ulica are some restored Venetian houses and the 18th-century baroque Totto Palace, with winged lion relief.

  • T

    The western edge of Carpacciov trg is marked by the large arched Taverna, a one-time salt warehouse dating from the 15th century.

  • L

    On the north side of Titov trg is the arcaded Venetian Gothic Loggia built in 1463; attached is the Loggia Gallery.

  • S
    Simon's Bay

    The best beach close to Izola is at Simon’s Bay, about 1.5km to the southwest. It has a grassy area for sunbathing.

  • V
    Vissich-Nardi Palace

    On the eastern side of Trg Brolo is the 17th-century Vissich-Nardi Palace containing government offices.

  • S
    Strunjan Landscape Park

    For centuries the people who lived at Strunjan, a peninsula halfway between Izola and Piran, were engaged in salt-making. Today the old salt-pan area is…

  • G
    Galerija J Pohlen

    One of a number of small galleries to have opened in Hrastovlje in recent years, this quiet space exhibits works by sculptor Jožeta Pohlen (1926-2005),…

  • K
    Koper Regional Museum

    The 17th-century Belgramoni-Tacco Palace houses the Koper Regional Museum, whose history collection spans prehistory to more recent times. In beautiful…