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Celje’s compact Old Town sits north of the Savinja River, bordered by the Lower Castle area to the west and the train tracks to the east. The town has two main squares: Glavni trg, at the southern end of pedestrian Stanetova ulica, and Krekov trg, opposite the train station.

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Private Tour: Varazdin and Zagorje Castles from Zagreb

Varazdin one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Croatia, city of baroque, music and flowers. Visit the old city of Varazdin beautiful fort which is believed to date from the 12th century. It managed to be preserved through the turbulent history and today it is a part of city museum of Varazdin. See Varazdin cemetery created by visionary soul of Herman Haller it is not only a place for the dead but it is a jewel of landscape of architecture and natural monuments. Trakoscan castle is cultural monument of highest category. Castle dates from 16th century owned by Draskovic family, it is renovated in neo-Gothic style. The castle is a museum with a picture gallery, collection of weapons, antique furniture. Enjoy your time in castle and its surrounding park and lake, take a boat ride around the lake and get mesmerized by the natural beauty of the area.Veliki Tabor was built during 15th and 16th century and is one of the best preserved medieval fortified cities of continental Croatia. Its most famous owners were the Counts of Celje and Ratkajevi. Visiting the castle you will have a chance to visit the inside museum and hear many legends connected to its owners and people from nearby places.If your visit to Veliki Tabor you want to connect with a tasty bites of continental Croatia and same time enjoy the view of the castle you can visit rural tourism Gresne Gorice or Pod Taborom.

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Visit: Celje Castle, Celje, Styria RegionThe Castles are a reflection of an era, however the people in different periods accepted and perceived them quite differently, just like life is getting new forms all the time.Castles and manors have, with their extraordinary past and present, always teased human imagination. Various stories interwove about the castles, above all about their inhabitants, which were later changed by the people and have been told to their descendants to this day. And due to all those stories and legends about the castles and their inhabitants that were kept by the folk tradition, we can still (magically) relive the past of the mostly castle ruins, that still daringly and proudly stand on the clifs and remind us of their former glory.Thus a lot of stories and legends about the Old Castle Celje, The Lower Castle, the Counts and the Princes of Celje and people from Teharje, were told.The stories and legends edited by Janko Orožen: Castles and Manors according to folk tradition and the documentary film Veronika and Friderik.