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Mamaia, a thin strip of sand extending north from Constanţa, is Romania's most popular and expensive package-holiday resort. In season, from early June to early September, the 8km-long beachfront is lined end to end with sunbathers from all around Romania, who compete for that precious patch of seaside real estate. By night, Mamaia morphs into what feels like one long nightclub, with dozens of high-adrenaline dance... Read More

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Private Day Trip to Constanta from Bucharest

Our tour to Constanta starts early in the morning and takes us east for 230 km on the A2 highway all the way to the majestic Black Sea.We will stroll through the old part of the city, that is overlooking the coastline, and visit the Museum of Archaeology and History,which exhibits the largest collection of vases, statuary and jewellery from the Greek-Roman period in Romania. In the square facing the museum, we will see the statue of the famous Roman poet, Ovid, and think back of how life was like in those days with some help from his writings.Leaving Antiquity behind, we will go inside the largest mosque in Romania, built in 1910 by our King Carol I for the local Muslim community, and climb the 140 steps of the minaret for a breathtaking view over the city and the sea. As a testimony to the ethnic diversity and confessional tolerance practised here, further the road, we will visit the beautiful Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Cathedral, a monument of Byzantine architecture, placed near the ruins of the ancient city.From here, we can walk to the Black Sea coast, where we will find the symbol of Constanta – the spectacular Art Nouveau Casino standing between the commercial port and tourist one. After these visits, we could enjoy lunch in one of the best restaurants with fish products located on the coastline and continue our tour of the city with the Folk Art Museum, where you will be better acquainted to traditional life in Romania through its impressive collection of costumes, household items and religious icons.No trip to Constanta is complete without a stop in the seaside resort of Mamaia, known as the Pearl of the Black Sea. With its fine sand and line up of restaurants, cafés and clubs, Mamaia is the most popular destination on the Black Sea, offering both relaxation, as well as entertainment. You can sit back, listen to the sounds of waves and enjoy the afternoon sun at the beach before heading back to Bucharest.