Must see attractions in Busuanga & the Calamian Islands

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    Coron Island

    This island, only a 20-minute bangka ride from Coron town, has an imposing, mysterious skyline that wouldn’t be out of place in a King Kong film. Flying…

  • Kayangan Lake

    Accessible by a steep 10-minute climb, the crystal-clear waters of Lake Kayangan are nestled into the mountain walls; underwater is like a moonscape…

  • T

    Twin Lagoon

    There are two sides to this photogenic lagoon where salt and fresh water meet. Boats dock in one half and and the other half is accessed by swimming…

  • C

    Calauit Safari Park

    Just off the northwestern tip of Busuanga, African megafauna roam on Calauit Island. Species include 25 or so giraffes and about 35 zebras. Both species…

  • O

    Ocam Ocam Beach

    A lonely beach with golden sand, excellent snorkelling and just a couple of basic resorts in northwest Busuanga Island. You can get a boat here to…

  • A


    On the rise behind town, follow your nose to a grand staircase where some 200 steps lead up to a giant eagle carved into the hill. It was created in 1926…

  • B

    Barracuda Lake

    A popular island-hopping stop, scenic Barracuda Lake is of interest to divers for its unique layers of fresh, salt and brackish water and dramatic…

  • C

    Culion Museum & Archives

    This museum has a half-hour film and several large rooms filled with photos and artefacts that tell the poignant and little-known story of Culion's leper…

  • M

    Mt Tapyas

    Grunt your way up 700-plus steps to Mt Tapyas in Coron Town for astounding views of Coron Bay. It's a quintessential Coron experience.

  • G

    Gochi Falls

    This 7m waterfall is a pleasant place for a swim if you're passing near the airport on a bike tour of the island. The turnoff to the falls in barangay…

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    Banol Beach

    A common stop on island-hopping trips to Coron Island is Banol Beach, a small sandy area with shelter from the sun.