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Oslo to Pulpit Rock - Mission Impossible 6 location trip

Your Norwegian guide will pick you and your group up at your hotel reception at 0600 in the morning. Bright and early - but you will understand that this journey needs a early start to justify the great scenarios you are traveling through. Should you need it, the van has comfortable seating, and some choose to sleep for a few hours while the guide gets you out of the Oslo "concrete jungle". You are heading from the flatlands in the east, out on the scenic drive over the mountains to the beautiful fjords of the west coast.The road itself is as beautiful as the classic train ride many writes about and even better as you can make stops upon request along the way. Don't miss out on those great opportunities for that magic shot when you finally came such a long way. You head out on the E-134 from the east and make your way via the beautiful Seljord area where you pass villages like Flatland, Rauland and Haukeligrend. As you arrive in the pittoresque small mountain village of Haukeligrend, it is time to get ready for the mountain crossing and check that your cameras are ready for the spectacular scenery.Reaching Røldal outside Haugesund you will have a brief coffee-break allowing you to visit toilet or have a snack. As we leave Røldal you will see a dramatic change in the landscape, and this leads to the wonderful Flesefossen Waterfall where you of course are able to enjoy a stop and some nice shots for your Instagram friends. Narrow roads winding trough rough nature reminds many of how the "mother road" was built in the US. Next, you head out from the deepest end of the Boknafjord and with direction for Stavanger and the ferry ride, and you arrive at the hike trail at roughly 1700 hours. You will hike up the trail from the parking by yourselves in a well marked trail / path and be at Pulpit Rock at about 1900 hrs. At approx 2030 we depart to Stavanger and your hotel of choice (own expense)._____________________________________________________________________________________ • All Guides used on this tour is born and bread Norwegians and are experienced with harsh winterconditions in the mountains. No foreign low cost labour used to maximize profit. • Worried about few reviews? This is a high end private tour that is often booked by private travel planners.This means there is more than 20 satisfied customers behind every review, while it only takes one error tomake a negative review. Upon request, this local supplier will offer a extensive list of references (US/Int.) • Want to see our other tours? Put the vendor code 57232P in the upper right corner search field. Many ofour private tours can be connected to make a multi day journey that is eligible for a discounted price.