Best restaurants in Masaya & Los Pueblos Blancos

  • Restaurants in Carazo

    MamaYamna El Chante

    MamaYamna defies pigeon-holing. But if you imagine an art gallery with a wall-high psychedelic mural of Che Guevara, a gangsta Marilyn Monroe wearing a bandanna, framed photos of Gandhi, jazz and funk music playing in the background, and a youthful clientele polishing off pulled pork sandwiches, jalapeno poppers and bottles of Carreta Nagua and Tabu craft beer, you're in the ballpark.

  • Restaurants in Los Pueblos Blancos

    Mondongo Veracruz

    Masatepe is perhaps best known for delicious, steaming bowls of mondongo (tripe soup marinated with bitter oranges and fresh herbs, then simmered with garden vegetables for hours). This is one of the best places in town to sample the stew (with a traditional side of Flor de Caña Rum), though several other eating houses serve good versions, too.

  • Restaurants in Carazo

    Pizzeria Colisseo

    The locals call the authentic brick-oven-baked pizza here the best in Nicaragua: the owner's originally from Rome and has been serving them for a quarter of a century. It also serves beer and wine, and doubles as an excellent B&B (singles/doubles $35/50), so if you've had a raucous evening you only have to stagger to your spotless room upstairs.

  • Restaurants in Carazo

    Cafe Paris

    Half a block southwest of the main square, this Parisian-inspired cafe specializes in coffee drinks and freshly baked pastries. Breakfast and light meals are also served.

  • Restaurants in Carazo

    Buen Provecho

    A block and a half north of Parque Central's northwest corner, this basic place serves up typical Nicaraguan dishes.