Must-see attractions in Nicaragua

  • L
    La Vicky

    The grocery store called 'La Vicky' doesn't stand here anymore, but locals still use it as a point of reference for navigating the town.

  • J
    Jimmy Lever Beach

    On the southern side of the island, this remote beach faces the open water, which has quite a few rocks. Scenic rather than idyllic.

  • E
    Ebenezer Baptist Church

    This diminutive church with its singular tower was founded in the 1850s and is a local landmark on the north side of the island.

  • P
    Parque Las Palmas

    A cute and shady little neighborhood park with the requisite benches, snack kiosks and even a laid-back bar in the middle.

  • P
    Parroquia de Santiago Apóstol

    This elegant peach-colored colonial church fronts the leafy central park and is dedicated to the patron saint of Boaco.

  • I
    Iglesia Molagüina

    The 1751 Iglesia Molagüina, in the center of town, is the plainest of Matagalpa's churches, but has nice gardens.

  • S
    Star City

    A former casino (now closed) and current landmark that locals use to give directions in the area.

  • A
    Antiguo Hospital

    The city's old hospital ruins are a landmark locals often use when giving directions.

  • U

    Pricey private school worth checking out for a look into León's university scene.

  • A

    A local reference point, the city hall sits across the park from the cathedral.

  • U

    This university specializes in architecture and tourism-related degrees.

  • C
    Casa del Obrero

    A downtown landmark originally dedicated to the Nicaraguan worker.

  • C
    Casino Pharaoh

    A landmark locals use to give directions in the neighborhood.