Must-see attractions in Nicaragua

  • Pozo el Salto

    Caribbean Coast

    This lovely partially dammed swimming hole, 4km north of town on the road to Managua, is framed in cascades of water and has been popular with picnickers…

  • Culture House

    Corn Islands

    The museum in this wooden building next to the stadium won't hold your attention very long with its pictures of old beauty queens, preserved lobsters and…

  • Casa de Cultura Blanca Aráuz

    Northern Highlands

    This crumbling colonial-style building was the former home of local girl Blanca Aráuz, who went on to become Mrs Augusto César Sandino, wife of Nicaragua…

  • Museo Segoviano

    Northern Highlands

    This tiny and rather sorry looking museum just off the Parque Central has some pre-Columbian pottery, ancient wine goblets and other colonial treasures…

  • UCA


    Founded in 1960 as a Jesuit school, this is one of Nicaragua’s premier universities, with a curriculum heavy on science and alternative technologies, Che…

  • Parque Central

    Caribbean Coast

    The central plaza is constantly buzzing with man gossip thanks to the steady stream of ranchers, who come to get their boots shined next to El Lustrador,…

  • La Bocana

    Caribbean Coast

    The closest thing Bilwi has to a decent beach, this place is about as far from a Caribbean fantasy as it's possible to get, but folk still tramp up here…

  • Cruz de España

    Southwestern Nicaragua

    Ask your taxi driver to point out this monument, suspended from a gleaming half-arch above the traffic, which marks the spot where conquistador Gil…

  • Moravian Church

    Caribbean Coast

    You'll probably feel familiar with Pearl Lagoon's iconic church before you even reach the Caribbean, as it graces Nicaragua's 20 Cordoba banknote…

  • Centro Turístico


    This lakefront tourist center has restaurants, discos, sandy beaches, kids' play areas, and picnic spots, though the location is no good for swimming and…

  • Museo de Historia y Arqueología


    In a large, concrete, faux-indigenous pyramid on the north side of town, Estelí's museum has a small but interesting collection of pottery and petroglyphs…

  • Laguna Miraflor

    Northern Highlands

    The lovely lake that gives its name to the entire area has an attractive position surrounded by farmland. Sadly, however, the use of chemicals by some…

  • Plaza de la Independencia


    North of Parque Central is Plaza de la Independencia, also known as the 'Plaza de los Leones.' The obelisk is dedicated to the heroes of the 1821 struggle…

  • Iglesia de los Angeles

    Northern Highlands

    This modern concrete church has a high, rectangular bell tower that looks at first glance like a water storage facility. It's a popular reference point…

  • Parque Reyes

    Caribbean Coast

    Bluefields' best green space is a popular meeting point with impressive 25m-high trees sprouting bromeliads in the canopy and a monument to the six ethnic…

  • Parque Japon


    This not-particularly Japanese park, nestled in the back blocks of the Metrocentro area, is a great place for a bit of time out. There are plenty of trees…

  • Casa de Cultura Leonel Rugama


    In the bullet-hole-marked former home of a high-ranking Somoza official, the Casa de Cultura offers a range of art, dance and music classes to locals …

  • Monumento a San Francisco

    Northern Highlands

    This simple monument is a popular teenage hangout at night, but also remains a vessel for many an abuelita’s (grandmother’s) humble prayers. The views…

  • Seventh-Day Adventist Church

    Caribbean Coast

    The beautiful wooden church has been replaced by a concrete structure, but it's still worth swinging past for Saturday-morning services to listen to the…

  • UNAN


    The Managua branch of Nicaragua’s oldest university (the original is in León, the former capital) was founded in 1958 and has more than 24,000 students.

  • La Vicky


    The grocery store called 'La Vicky' doesn't stand here anymore, but locals still use it as a point of reference for navigating the town.

  • Jimmy Lever Beach

    Little Corn Island

    On the southern side of the island, this remote beach faces the open water, which has quite a few rocks. Scenic rather than idyllic.

  • Ebenezer Baptist Church

    Corn Islands

    This diminutive church with its singular tower was founded in the 1850s and is a local landmark on the north side of the island.

  • Parque Las Palmas


    A cute and shady little neighborhood park with the requisite benches, snack kiosks and even a laid-back bar in the middle.

  • Parroquia de Santiago Apóstol

    Caribbean Coast

    This elegant peach-colored colonial church fronts the leafy central park and is dedicated to the patron saint of Boaco.

  • Iglesia Molagüina


    The 1751 Iglesia Molagüina, in the center of town, is the plainest of Matagalpa's churches, but has nice gardens.

  • Star City


    A former casino (now closed) and current landmark that locals use to give directions in the area.

  • Antiguo Hospital


    The city's old hospital ruins are a landmark locals often use when giving directions.

  • UCAN


    Pricey private school worth checking out for a look into León's university scene.

  • Alcadía


    A local reference point, the city hall sits across the park from the cathedral.

  • UCC


    This university specializes in architecture and tourism-related degrees.

  • Casa del Obrero


    A downtown landmark originally dedicated to the Nicaraguan worker.

  • Casino Pharaoh


    A landmark locals use to give directions in the neighborhood.

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