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Naples has its first book hotel, where you can sleep in a suite surrounded by books

A Book&Bed hotel, where you can sleep in a library surrounded by books, is just one of the many quirky things Tokyo is famous for. Now, the first of these hotels has opened its doors in Italy, and more specifically in the southern city of Naples.

The Mooks Book&Bed is located on top of a Mondadori bookstore, one of Italy’s major bookstore chains. Image courtesy of Mooks Mondadori Napoli

The first Italian Book&Bed, called Mooks, has opened on top of a bookstore in the Neapolitan quartier of Vomero. The project means to bring over to the Bel Paese the same Japanese concept, but with a Mediterranean twist – while the Book&Bed hotels in Tokyo focus on sleek and minimal design, the Italian Book&Bed has a more opulent and refined style and only two suites.

The suites will also be decorated with art and photographs from local artists. Image courtesy of Mooks Mondadori Napoli

The two suites, named Calvino (after one of the most famous Italian writers on the 20th century) and Freud, offer guests a “warm and intimate environment”, with antique wooden furniture and a selection of over 4000 books to choose from. The books include rarities from as early as the 1740s and contemporary novels. “We had fun in arranging the books without chronological or thematic order,” said Antonio Serpe, Mooks’ CEO, in a statement. “We wanted our guests to have fun in discovering the books, and maybe stay awake to carry on this fascinating search.”

The Mooks team asked the people of the Vomero neighbourhood what style they preferred the Book&Bed to be. Image courtesy of Mooks Mondadori Napoli

A new Book&Bed is in the works and will open soon in Milan, in the artistic neighbourhood of Brera, while two more are expected to open by 2020 both in Naples, again, and Rome. These two will have a more smart vibe, following their Japanese counterparts.

“Pages can become sheets” in this Book&Bed. Image courtesy of Mooks Mondadori Napoli

If you’d like to know more or maybe book your stay, you can get in touch with the Naples Book&Bed at their Facebook page here.