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Get paid $66k to travel the world and try amazing new vegan dishes

Food trumps all aspects of travelling. It’s one of the best ways to experience a new country and now you can get paid to do it. A food subscription company based in the UK is looking for a person to travel the world, try new vegan-friendly food and report back for £50,000 (US$66,000) per year.

You can get paid to travel the world and sample vegan cuisine. Image by Getty

Vibrant Vegan Co. is a food subscription company that is currently hiring a ‘Director of Taste’ whose job it is to travel the world to find new healthy, plant-based foods and meals. All accommodation, travel and food expenses are covered, in addition to 28 days of vacation and a £50,000 salary. A typical working week includes 35 hours and a lot of time away from home, visiting new countries and seeking out the best plant-based dishes and ingredients in the area.

The successful candidate will travel to far-flung locations. Image by Shutterstock

The successful candidate can expect to spend up to four months at a time on the road, visiting countries like Japan, Mexico, China, India, Turkey and Chile. They must also be good at networking as they will be expected to set up overseas partnerships to facilitate the sourcing of new ingredients for the company.

To be considered, candidates must also have a background of at least three years in the food industry, either as a chef or in another food-related role. Applicants must be flexible and undergo a “rigorous interview process, full background check, and in-house taste test to see if their palette is ‘up to scratch’.”

Travel the world looking for new and exciting vegan ingredients. Image by Getty

Vibrant Vegan Co currently has 18 sustainable plant-based meals aimed at socially-conscious consumers. It also works closely with children’s charity War Child to tackle child hunger in war zones around the world.

To apply for the ‘Director of Taste’ role, follow the directions here.