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Singapore’s Changi airport is a Harry Potter’s wizarding world for the holidays

As the undisputed best airport in the world, Singapore’s Changi Airport is constantly trying out new ways to delight passengers. Now they’ve gone one step further by transforming parts of the airport into four life-sized scenes from the magical world of Harry Potter.

Hogsmeade has come to Singapore. Photo courtesy of Changi Airport

A replica of Hogsmeade Village is in the check-in hall, meaning that both passengers and the general public can get to enjoy it. There are plenty of photo opportunities here, with the Hogwarts Express and plenty of replicas of famous shops like Honeydukes, Zonko’s Joke Shop and the Tea Shop. There will also be daily snow and light shows planned.

In the Departures Hall of the terminal, you’ll find an interpretation of Diagon Alley with plenty of activities geared towards people of all ages. For thoses getting ready for the school year, you can try on wizarding robes and take a magical, moving picture to see how you look. You can also take the Wand Challenge to begin learning the basic movements to cast some of the most popular spells.

Have you got what it takes to make the Quidditch team? Photo courtesy of Changi Airport

If you’re more athletically inclined, you can try your hand at Quidditch. Hop on a broomstick and try and throw the Quaffle ball into the hoops to score the most points. You can also challenge Niffler, the adorable creature with a penchant for sparkly objects. All these activities are expected to be really popular, so you’re advised to come early and book your slot. You can browse the rest of the terminal and get a text alert when you have a chance to play.

The Weasley’s car is just one Harry Potter-themed installation. Photo courtesy of Changi Airport

In terminals one and two, there are also excellent Instagram-opportunities with Ron’s flying car being stuck in the Whomping Willow and a chance to find incredible creatures at Newt Scamander’s Menagerie.

If you’re not a fan but know someone who is, there’s also a good opportunity to buy some wizarding Christmas presents. When you spend $60 at the airport, you’ll have a chance to buy some exclusive Harry Potter gifts, including plush toys of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Hedwig, and travel pillows decorated in the themes from each of the four Hogwarts houses.

Travelling through the airport has never been so magical. Photo courtesy of Changi Airport

Changi Airport’s Wizarding World Holiday is open now and runs until mid February 2019.