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This hotel chain is offering an 'Instagram sitter' to post on your behalf

If you’d like to go off-grid while on holidays but still want the folks back home to see what you’re enjoying, you may be interested in a service provided by one hotel chain in Switzerland. Ibis is trialling an “Instagram sitter” service in all 17 0f its properties in Zurich and Geneva, where it takes care of its hotel guests’ Instagram channels to allow them to be fully present while enjoying the amenities.

Ibis is trialling an Instagram sitter in all of its 17 properties in Zurich and Geneva. Image: Rich Lindenhof

“Relax We Post” is the name of the new service, and during the month-long trial period, 16 experienced social influencers will take over the job of “Instagram sitters.” The influencers include Sylwina (55k followers), Sara Leutenegger (106k followers) and Cristina Gheiceanu (144k followers).

How it works is that the Instagram sitter receives the guest’s account login data and curates their Instagram channel throughout their stay. He or she will post photos and videos and create Instagram Stories, and if guests want, they can respond to their followers’ comments while they’re chilling out and enjoying themselves.

You can use an Instagram sitter in Ibis in Zurich and Geneva. Image: Rich Lindenhof

Another advantage for the guests is that the sitter will know all the “Instagrammable” hotspots of the hotel and city and how best to show them off, garnering those all-important ‘likes.’ Guest can advise the sitters in advance of particular requests – for example, vegetarians won’t want any food photos with meat in their feed. The Ibis group says that the service will eliminate the stress for guests of being active on social media without the need to stop them from posting beautiful photos during their stay.

Ibis will give someone else the task of managing your Instagram account. Image: Rich Lindenhof

“We pay close attention to current trends and make constant updates to the services at our hotels, ensuring we are able to offer our guests a range of modern, innovative ideas to make their everyday lives easier,” says Philippe Alanou, senior VP of operations at AccorHotels Central Europe.

For further information on Relax We Post, see the campaign’s website here.