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You can book a "daycation" in hotels to avail of their leisure and relaxation facilities

Those who save on holiday costs by booking cheaper accommodation options like Airbnb can still avail of the comforts of hotel amenities. This can be facilitated through services that allow you to book hotels during the day. It also works for travellers looking to relax or work out after an exhausting flight or during an extended layover, as well as those travelling for business who are in need of somewhere to go for a power nap between meetings or flights.

You can book hotels for “daycations” through various services. Image: Alexander Spatari

Dayuse is a daytime hotel booking platform that’s available in 22 countries and offers more than 4000 hotels for “daycations.” The French company’s ambition is to transform hotels into daytime living spaces. It gives customers the opportunity to enjoy a hotel room in the daytime as well as other services traditionally available to overnight guests, such as spas, gyms and leisure centres etc. It says that as these rooms are priced up to 70% less than night rates, making a daytime booking a way of trying places you wouldn’t usually consider or didn’t know existed.

You can book a “daycation” in hotels through various online services. Image: Monica and Michael Sweet Image by Monica and Michael Sweet

Properties range from hotels near airports, main railway hubs for travellers and business districts for corporate clients, to cosy boutique hotels in trendy neighbourhoods for leisure guests. Other platforms include BYHOURS, which allows you to book microstays in more than 3000 hotels for three, six or 12 hours around the world. Then there’s ResortPass, which sells access to the pools, cabanas, gyms and spas in over 80 US resorts.

You can book a “daycation” in hotels to avail of their leisure and relaxation facilities. Image by Dave and Les Jacobs/Getty

Sanctifly is an app that allows business travellers to use gyms, pools, spas and wellness-oriented lounges at airports or nearby hotels while travelling. It was launched by Karl Llewellyn, who was inspired to create the app when it struck him that there is very little time for people to take care of their health and wellness while travelling.

So now you can have the best of both worlds while travelling.