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You've shopped the store, now you can stay in the new MUJI hotel in China

The first images of MUJI Hotel Shenzhen have been released, and they show that it has been built to reflect the ethos of the brand that is best-known for its minimalist homeware products. The hotel in the Guangdong Province is scheduled to open on 18 January and a second hotel will open in Beijing on 20 March.

A bedroom in the new MUJI hotel in Shenzhen, China. Image: MUJI

The company says the hotels have been designed to reflect “an anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap” concept. Its goal is to offer great sleep at the right price, provide a space supporting both body and mind while away from home, and connect travellers to local people and places. In the bedrooms, wood is used to line the walls and MUJI products, ranging from toothbrushes to wall-mounted CD players are included for guests’ use.

MUJI has opened a diner in Shanghai. Image by Rosie Draffin

The hotel seeks to provide a physical experience of the MUJI philosophy through the sensation of towels, the placement of outlets and light switches, restaurants and menus and space. The hotel reception desk will be located on the second floor, with floors four through six holding a total of 79 rooms. Pillars and walls of traditional Chinese houses will be repurposed in the hotel’s interior walls and courtyards. One floor of the hotel will host a MUJI Diner, while a brand new store on the second and third floors will begin operation on the same day as the hotel opening, aiming to help customers experience the world view of MUJI.

A bathroom in the new MUJI hotel in Shenzhen, China. Image: MUJI

The hotels are developed around a MUJI concept: walk as much as you can, wherever you can; eat well; sleep well; stay fit. The Shenzhen hotel will have a free library in the common area that accommodates approximately 650 volumes and is open 24 hours. There will also be a small-scale gym offering running machines, aero-bikes and other workout equipment.

A bedroom in the new MUJI hotel in Shenzhen, China. Image: MUJI

Much like the Shenzhen location, a MUJI store will be located within the same building at the Beijing hotel. It will also feature an open space on the ground floor for guests to mingle with the local citizens.

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