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This amazing 80-year-old Spanish grandfather has become a YouTube travel star

An 80-year-old Spanish grandfather of 12 has become a YouTube travel star. Juan José Cañas from Malaga in Spain has a channel called Atrapatuabuelo, which means “Catch your grandpa,” and he makes travel videos that give his followers glimpses into the trips he makes and the new experiences he enjoys.

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Juan became interested in YouTube when he appeared in several videos with his granddaughter, Esther, who is a successful social media star. The reaction to his appearances was so good, he decided to set up his own channel with her help.



 The adventurous octogenarian has already amassed 17,000 followers on YouTube, and he calls them all his “grandchildren.”

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Proving that age is no barrier when it comes to travel, Juan invites his followers to consider him their ‘travelling grandpa,’ and plans to organise a meeting in Malaga with them.


He travels with his family, who help out with the production, and his fans write to him from all over the world. He will shortly travel to film a video in Almeria, and aims to visit Finland to see the Northern Lights.


The travelling grandpa told the El Pais newspaper that he has been given a new lease of life by his hobby. “Now I feel busy and happy because of all the people who tell me they love me,” he said.

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