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Photographer shares stunning pictures of Hong Kong inspired by Ghost in the Shell anime

A photographer has shared a series of captivating images that portray the city of Hong Kong as an atmospheric, neon-tinged dreamscape.

ghost in the shell
Food Market at Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Image by Andy Yeung
Ghost in the shell
Corner House at Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. Image by Andy Yeung

Created by Andy Yeung, who was born and raised in the city, the photos are part of a project called “Remember Hong Kong” that was originally inspired by the stylistic elements of the 1995 cult anime film, “Ghost in the Shell”. Set in 2029, the movie portrays a futuristic city based on Hong Kong. Andy’s goal was to capture a similar mood while also documenting the disappearing elements of the city. “Hong Kong is a fast-changing city. The old is being replaced by the new. I intend to capture it before it’s gone forever and I hope I can get people to take notice of the beauty of the old by creating images from my perspective,” Andy told Lonely Planet Travel News.

ghost in the shell
Twilight Over Hong Kong #03 at Tsim Sha Tsui. Image by Andy Yeung
ghost in the shell
Street Market at Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. Image by Andy Yeung

Andy shot the series at night-time, using a slow shutter speed to make cars and people look dreamy and blurred. He searched different areas of the city to find interesting streets with unique characteristics that would fit in with the style he was trying to create. The photos include scenes of Hong Kong rooftops, night markets, neon restaurant signs and public trams.

ghost in the shell
Mongkok Night Club, Hong Kong. Image by Andy Yeung
ghost in the shell
Tram Market at North Point, Hong Kong. Image by Andy Yeung

“I achieved the anime feel by shooting in the evening. Hong Kong is a city of lights, so when the sun goes down the lights take over. It makes the city luminous with different colours,” Andy said. After he posted the pictures on his Facebook page, many people got in touch with the photographer to tell him that his work made them miss the city.

ghost in the shell
Night Market atTemple Street, Hong Kong. Image by Andy Yeung

Following on from the success of his first images, Andy would like to add to the series by photographing Kennedy Town in Hong Kong. The photographer also has plans to travel to Tokyo to shoot the city at night. More of Andy’s work is available to view on his website.