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The best European budget airline as voted for by passengers is revealed

UK airline Easyjet was chosen as Europeans’ favourite low cost carrier in a survey of more than 16,000 travellers in ten European countries.

Easyjet plane
Easyjet is the UK’s favourite budget airline. Image by Wikimedia

The airline beat other popular low cost carriers, winning 22% of the vote. British travellers overwhelmingly chose Easyjet as their number one, with 63% claiming it was their favourite. Despite being crowned the world’s favourite airline in IATA’s World Airline Transport Statistics in August, Ryanair failed to secure a win, instead taking second with 18% of the vote. Norwegian Airlines came third with 12%, Vueling got 8% of votes, with Eurowings taking 4%.

Family on holiday trip.
Family checking in at the airport. Image by Getty

Travellers in the UK, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden were asked what are the best budget airlines, based on customer service and overall flying experience. The survey also asked participants what the most important factors were when booking a flight. Eighty-five per cent said cost, and more than half said convenient flight times. The distance from the airport to the destination was another important factor with 41%, while only 5% said food choices on board.

Passengers don’t mind flying with different airlines for each leg of the flight, with only 31% of those surveyed saying they prefer to stick to the one carrier. Almost three quarters of UK travellers said they have used two different airlines for a single trip. Close to half of UK respondents said they believe budget airlines are getting more costly, with 24% saying they have experienced additional costs when travelling on budget airlines.