Must-see restaurants in Chin State

  • C
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    Cherry Hakha

    There's no better exemplar of traditional Burmese food culture than this always-busy, atmospheric, wood-floored restaurant, crowded with families, couples…

  • E
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    Eden Restaurant

    New and fairly modern in decor, Eden serves up the most satisfying meal in town, especially the hotpot (K25,000) for groups of three. There's no English…

  • L
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    Lois Cafe

    You might find yourself becoming a regular at Lois, easily the nicest place in Tiddim. Admittedly, pickings are slim, but it's worth the walk uphill from…

  • S
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    Shandlay Hot Pot Restaurant

    Variety is rare to come by in these parts, and hotpot – essentially a cornucopia of vegetables, noodles and meat – provides plenty of food diversity in…

  • K
    Kan Thu Ya Restaurant

    After transitioning to a full-service restaurant four years ago, after 25 years as a coffee shop, the cavernous Kan Thu Ya is known for its roasted duck …

  • H
    Hakha Town Coffee

    The closest approximation of a modern coffeehouse in all of Chin and one of the few (or only?) where you can order an espresso. It's dimly lit, with a TV…

  • T
    Tawin Restaurant

    An all-you-can-eat buffet of chicken, pork, mutton and fish curry, along with various noodle, rice and salad dishes as sides is served up in this broken…

  • Y
    Yangon Cafe

    Wondering what hath the internet wrought? The owner of this newly opened, small and cheerfully decorated restaurant taught himself how to make pizzas via…

  • M
    Maymyo Food Centre

    Simple noodle and rice dishes and better salads are on offer at Kanpetlet's best restaurant. No alcohol is served, but there's a pleasant outside garden…

  • P
    Premier 2 Restaurant

    Come at night when the huge back terrace overlooking rice paddies is lit up. The extensive menu of meat, fish, noodles and sides, including a good quail…

  • M
    Mr Jin

    The bland, if upscale (for Kalay), dining room lacking in atmosphere shouldn't put you off. Mr Jin is one of Kalay's best restaurants, with a wide variety…

  • T
    Tawin Restaurant

    An open-air pavilion with a large menu of primarily Chinese dishes and a sprinkling of Burmese options. Good place for a beer as well.

  • M
    Myo Ma Restaurant

    The best and most popular place in Mindat to eat (though there's not much competition), offering reasonable Chinese-Burmese dishes (fried rice and noodles…

  • S
    Soe Min Tun Restaurant

    You might feel like a house guest at this not-so-easy-to-find spot near the central market (look for the dilapidated two-storey green building). It…

  • U
    U Lay

    This is one of the more popular restaurants in town, serving up Burmese curry sets at lunch and simple Chinese-Burmese dishes in the evening. It's also…

  • U
    U Than Mg Restaurant

    Located directly below the church, this simply furnished place is also decidedly one of Falam's most popular. There's a bit more variety than you might…

  • F

    Flow bills itself as a cocktail bar and restaurant, and foreign liquors and beers are available, but the real reason to come here is to sample its local…

  • J
    Joy Restaurant

    Basic, with nothing more than two tables separated by a curtain in a cramped room serving chicken or mutton curry. But importantly, it's open Sundays …

  • H
    Hakha Kitchen

    More expensive than other restaurants in town (the fried rice and noodle dishes are cheaper), but the food is pretty good. It's just past the clock tower,…

  • H
    Happy Restaurant

    Clean and basic, furnished with three small tables and serving fried rice and fried noodles. Conveniently located across the street from the spot where…