Must-see attractions in Yucatán State & the Maya Heartland

  • E
    El Palomar

    West of the Gran Pirámide sits a structure whose roofcomb is latticed with a pattern reminiscent of the Moorish pigeon houses built into walls in Spain…

  • M
    Museo de la Ciudad

    The Museo de la Ciudad is housed in the old post office and offers a great reprieve from the hustle, honks and exhaust of this market neighborhood. There…

  • H
    Hacienda San Ildefonso Teya

    Founded as a livestock ranch in 1683 and converted into a henequén plantation in the 19th century, today Hacienda Teya is a restaurant, hotel and popular…

  • X

    The two-lane road to Xcambó is flanked by gorgeous wetlands often inhabited by flamingos. The seldom-visited ruins, 3km south of Hwy 27, formed part of a…

  • I
    Iglesia La Mejorada

    Across from Parque de la Mejorada stands Iglesia La Mejorada, a large 17th-century church. The building just north of it was a monastery (el Convento de…

  • M
    Mercado Municipal Lucas de Gálvez

    Mérida’s main market is an ever-evolving mass of commerce, with stalls selling everything from panuchos (fried tortillas stuffed with beans and topped…

  • C
    Casa de la Vieja

    Off the southeast corner of the Palacio del Gobernador’s platform is a small complex, now largely rubble, known as the Casa de la Vieja. In front of it is…

  • U
    Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

    The modern Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán was established in the 19th century by Governor Felipe Carrillo Puerto and General Manuel Cepeda Peraza. Inside…

  • M
    Mercado Municipal

    Locals come to this good, authentic Mexican market to shop for cheap clothing, produce and what-have-you, and to eat at inexpensive taquerías. The east…

  • T
    Templo de los Jaguares y Escudos

    The Temple of the Jaguars and Shields, built atop the southeast corner of the ball court’s wall, has some columns with carved rattlesnakes and tablets…

  • M
    Museo de San Roque

    Previously a 16th-century convent, San Roque has models and exhibits on the history of the city and the region. Other displays focus on various aspects of…

  • A

    The upstairs section, the Salón de Los Murales, has an interesting series of murals of figures that illustrate the history of the region.

  • P
    Parque de la Mejorada

    Head six blocks east of Calle 60 and you'll find this pleasant square flanked by a pretty colonial-era monastery.

  • I
    Iglesia de la Candelaria

    The Virgin of Candelaria, the Patron of Valladolid, is celebrated at this church on February 2 (Candlemas).

  • P
    Palacio Municipal

    Originally built in 1542, the Palacio Municipal was twice refurbished, in the 1730s and the 1850s.

  • C
    Cenote Sagrado

    From the Plataforma de Venus, a 250m rough stone sacbé (path) runs north to the huge sunken well that gave this city its name. The Sacred Cenote is some…