Must-see shopping in Yucatán State & the Maya Heartland

  • M
    Miniaturas Folk Art

    Here you’ll find lots of small Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) tableaux, tinwork and figurines of every sort, from ceramics to toy soldiers. They all…

  • T
    Tejón Rojo

    One of the more original places to get your Mérida souvenirs, the 'red badger' sells screen-printed graphic T-shirts and an assortment of Mexican pop…

  • G
    Guayaberas Jack

    The guayabera (embroidered dress shirt) is the classic Mérida shirt, but in buying the wrong one you run the risk of looking like a waiter. Drop into this…

  • C
    Cielo Hamacas

    Has a large catalog with all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors of locally produced hammocks, Maya hanging chairs and all accessories for creating that…

  • C
    Camisería Canul

    A good place for guayaberas (embroidered dress shirts) and huipiles (traditional blouses and dresses). It has been in business since 1948, offering fixed…

  • L
    Librería Dante

    Shelves a selection of archaeology and regional-history books in English and has good Yucatecan cookbooks, too. There are other branches throughout the…

  • H
    Hamacas El Aguacate

    Hamacas El Aguacate stocks quality hammocks at decent prices (M$550 to M$700), and there's absolutely no hard sell. Also has mosquito nets for M$200.

  • C
    Casa de las Artesanías

    One place to start looking for handicrafts is this government-supported market for local artisans. Prices are fixed.

  • L
    La Puerta del Sol

    A friendly spot to find good quality guayaberas and other regional clothes at reasonable prices.