Shopping in Copper Canyon & Northern Mexico

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Monterrey

    Corredor del Arte

    On Sundays, Calle Mina in the Barrio Antiguo becomes the Corredor del Arte, a wonderful combination of antiques, arts and crafts, and a flea market. The whole district springs to life, with festive crowds browsing for one-of-a-kind items amid piles of clothes, records, books, housewares and other objects. Bands often play too.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in The Copper Canyon & Ferrocarril Chihuahua Pacífico

    No Name Gift Shop

    A group of Tarahumaras from nearby San Ignacio sell their folk art, clothing and musical instruments at this small shop. The quality is excellent and the prices more than fair. There's no sign. Look for it next to the Telcel office on the north end of town.

  • Shopping in Monterrey


    This shop is in a whole other class, and is Monterrey’s best outlet for artesanías (crafts). The genial English-speaking owner, who is full of advice about what to see and do in Monterrey, stocks museum-quality work (including textiles and jewelry) from across Mexico. Don't miss exquisitely painted alebrijes (fantastically painted animal sculptures) or the stunningly elaborate Huichol beaded artworks.

  • Shopping in Chihuahua & Central North Mexico

    Casa de la Galleta

    The Mennonite camps around Cuauhtémoc are known for their queserías (cheese factories/shops). For the cream of the crop, head straight to Campo 2B where Casa de la Galleta awaits with a spectacular line of cheeses. A taxi from downtown Cuauhtémoc costs around M$200, including waiting time.

  • Shopping in Chihuahua & Central North Mexico

    Mata Ortiz Co-op

    Located inside the former train station, this co-op sells works made by local artisans, most of them women. Prices vary widely, though the quality, on the whole, is quite high. There is typically a staff member who is working on a piece and will gladly walk you through the process.

  • Shopping in Monterrey

    MARCO Gift Shop

    For high-end gifts and souvenirs, the gift shop at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo is a good option. An extensive shop, it features everything from handcrafted jewelry and quirky T-shirts to fine pottery and artsy coffee table books.

  • Shopping in Sonora

    Galería Mercedes

    This fabulous gallery in the Old Port area sells exquisite pottery, wood carvings and textiles made by artisans from across Mexico.

  • Shopping in Chihuahua & Central North Mexico

    Galería Quezada

    A fabulous gallery that sells gorgeous pottery by Juan Quezada and many other artists.

  • Shopping in Sonora

    Calle 32

    A fun place to browse for gift ideas is along this mural-lined street around 4km north of the old port. Also known as 'Rodeo Drive', Calle 32 has numerous shops selling hammocks, woven bags, cowboy hats, T-shirts, leather goods, Mexican wrestling masks, food items and plenty of curiosities – including life-size dinosaurs, gorillas and giraffes made from repurposed scrap metal. There are also several restaurants on the street if you need to refuel.

  • Shopping in Sonora

    Tequila Factory

    Despite it's name, this family-owned shop doesn't produce any tequila on site, but it does offer informative and fun presentations on tequila production. Tastings of its artisanal tequilas are part of the experience (and you can always try before you buy in the shop). The flavored tequilas and oak-aged Añejo are favorites.

  • Shopping in Chihuahua & Central North Mexico

    Galería Rafaela

    This gallery specializes in high end pottery made locally; many of the artists represented are featured in magazine and art books, which Rafaela herself is quick to pull out. Prices are negotiable. Look for the gallery just north of the former train station, in a long red building.

  • Shopping in Northeast Mexico

    Mercado Juárez

    Next to Plaza Acuña, a section of this bustling market is jam packed with artesanías (arts and crafts), sarapes (blankets with a head opening, worn as a cloak), cowboy gear and kitschy souvenirs. Light haggling welcome.

  • Shopping in Chihuahua & Central North Mexico

    Mercado Municipal

    This bustling city market has an entire section dedicated to gifts and souvenirs from Durango. You'll find everything from scorpion embedded key chains to leather cowboy boots. Prepare for some light haggling, as is custom in the market.

  • Shopping in Northeast Mexico

    El Sarape de Saltillo

    With rooms upon rooms, this seemingly endless shop sells fine quality, colorful sarapes (blankets with an opening for the head) and other Mexican arts and crafts; see wool being dyed and woven on looms inside.

  • Shopping in The Copper Canyon & Ferrocarril Chihuahua Pacífico

    Artesanías Misión

    Facing the main plaza, this sizable shop has a traditional selection of handicrafts. All of the store’s earnings go to support Creel’s Catholic mission hospital, which provides free medical care for the Rarármui.

  • Shopping in Chihuahua & Central North Mexico

    Casa de las Artesanías del Estado de Chihuahua

    Has a good selection of Chihuahuense crafts (including Mata Ortiz pottery) and Mexican foodstuffs such as pecans, oregano oil and sotol, a local spirit made from desert spoon plants.

  • Shopping in Chihuahua & Central North Mexico

    Los Tlacuilos

    This small shop sells quality local crafts at good prices. Look for it inside the central bandstand in the Plaza de Armas.

  • Shopping in Chihuahua & Central North Mexico

    Héctor y Laura

    A first-rate gallery in Mata Ortiz.