Built by the British in the late 19th century, Fort Rinella has been lovingly restored and converted into an interesting military museum with hands-on displays of fighting skills and signalling (up to 1.30pm). At 2pm there is an impressive military re-enactment outside the fort, plus the thrilling chance for visitors to fire a cannon or rifle (for a donation). The fort, 1.5km northeast of Vittoriosa, was one of two coastal batteries designed to counter the threat of Italy’s new ironclad battleships.

The batteries (the second one was on Tigné Point in Sliema) were equipped with the latest Armstrong 100-tonne guns – the biggest muzzle-loading guns ever made. Their 100-tonne shells had a range of 6.4km and could penetrate 38cm of armour plating. The guns were never fired in anger, and were retired in 1906.