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In its heyday around 5000 shift workers were shuttled between Visaginas and the former plant, about 3km east of the town centre. A Geiger counter recorded the day’s radiation level and Russian was the lingua franca on the streets.

The town’s future remains uncertain, however, after the nuclear plant was shut down at the end of 2009 as part of Lithuania’s agreement to join the European Union. Though there’s talk of building a new plant, that won’t happen until 2018 at the earliest. In the meantime, locals are hoping that increased tourism can bolster the economy.

In mid-August Visaginas bizarrely rocks with a bunch of cowboys – hats, boots and all – who ride into town from across Europe for the two-day international country music festival, Visagino Country (www.visagino country.lt).

From Vilnius to Visaginas you can take trains (€5.40 2¼ hours, six daily) or buses (€8, 2½ hours, 12 daily).

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Nuclear Power Plant secrets

HIGHLIGHTS: Entrance to a very restricted area of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Talk with locals about how the life field like in Soviet Union times Stand on atomic reactor Visit Nuclear Power Plant console Take a picture in Nuclear Power Plant Visit Visaginas city Visit Aukstaitijos National Park Lithuania was getting industrialized under Soviet rule ant that leaves us with some functional industrial moments like the Nuclear Power plant in Visaginas. The model of the Power plant is exactly the same as the one was in Chernobyl and this is a reason this one doesn’t produce electricity anymore, but still employs 2 000 people, and it is open to visitors with almost all access. It is built in a great forest by a big lake, that once was a middle of nowhere. And it is not only the power plant, but a city of 40 000 population came together. All built rapidly up to 3 of 4 reactors, and 3 of 6 districts in the city of Visaginas didn’t reach the planned size due to Chernobyl tragedy. So it’s a big Soviet project, unfinished ambition, that is still alive and reminiscent of the times. Power employees will walk us through the Power plant all the way to the reactors and even stand on it, see the controls station, and all surroundings. We will meet locals who are in transition of purpose as the Power plant they have been working at is shutting down slowly but surely. We will have lunch at local Canteen (VALGYKLA) which might have seen some cosmetic renovation, but the vibe and service is same old and reminds of Soviet days. We will drive around the Visaginas City, that was designed and built all at once without much natural evolution – all according to plan in a few years.

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