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Proud Kaunas, the alternative Lithuanian capital between WWI and WWII and the country’s perpetual ‘number two’ city, holds court in the heart of the country. Its Old Town is as intriguing as its mass of museums and art galleries, and there is no better place to base yourself for central-country forays. Within easy reach of Kaunas is Birštonas, a tiny spa town where both jazz and mud treatments are serious business.

Still in the process of reinvention is Šiauliai, once a closed city in Soviet times that sheltered the USSR’s largest military base outside Russia. Most tourists make the pilgrimage here for the papal-blessed Hill of Crosses 10km to the north, and leave awed by the strength and devotion of the Lithuanian people.

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$210 Shore Excursions

Private Shore Excursion: Best of Klaipeda Walking Tour

Meet your professional tour guide outside the main port gate, and start your exploration of Klaipdea Old Town.Klaipeda is the 3rd biggest city in Lithuania, an important port and Lithuania’s only gateway to the Baltic Sea. The city has a long history starting as a fishing village of ancient Balts and experiencing the arrival of German Crusaders in the 13th century. The Crusaders built their castle there in 1252 and formed the city, in former times known as Memel. During the city tour you will see the old Castle territory and the Old Town with the fascinating merchants warehouses in the typical German style with “fachwerk” (half timbered) decorations. The tour will take you to the Theatre Square with the Simon Dach fountain, which is named after the 17th century German poet, born in Klaipeda. The fountain portrays a statue of a girl named Annehen von Tharau, who is the subject of a famous German wedding and love song.On this tour you will meet various magical inhabitants of the city that make it so special and will have a chance to make a wish!For those who are interested, we welcome you to visit Amber Queen Museum to admire a unique private amber collection put together in the 20th century.Once the tour is over, you are welcome to enjoy some free time for self-exploration, shopping or a relaxing coffee/beer break in one of the local cafes.

$90 Shore Excursions

Shore Excursion: Best of Curonian Spit in Klaipeda in a Small Group

Meet your professional English-speaking guide outside the main port gate, check in for the tour and get ready to listen and learn a lot on this exciting tour of the Curonian Spit - an amazingly beautiful nature reserve.Since prehistoric times people have lived on this elongated sand dune peninsula which separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. Nearly 100 kilometres long and 0.4-4 kilometres wide, it has long been threatened by the natural forces of wind and waves. Its survival to the present day has been made possible only as a result of ceaseless human efforts to combat the erosion of the Spit. The tour begins with a visit to one of the oldest settlements on the Spit, the charming seaside resort of Juodkrante with its Amber Bay and many pleasing stone sculptures.After taking in the sights of Juodkrante, you’ll travel on to the Grey Dunes (sometimes called Dead Dunes), a fascinating area of wind-blown dunes and grassy, vegetation-covered sand hills where you’ll be able to walk and be impressed by the sheer scale of the landscape.In Nida, you’ll visit some of the highest sand dunes in Europe including the famous 52 metre high Parnidis Dune. Walking in the ethnograpical part of Nida you‘ll see traditional fishermen farmsteads and villas. Next up on the tour is the Mizgiriai Amber Gallery where you’ll learn all about amber, its uses and its place in Lithuanian culture and history. After coming back to Klaipėda you’ll make a photo-stop in the heart of Old Town - Theatre Square with "Ann from Tharaw" fountain and drama theatre. After that you are welcome to enjoy some free time for self-exploration, shopping or a relaxing coffee/beer break in one of the local cafes.IMPORTANT: Please note that tour order may vary depending on traffic conditions and general availability.

$22.60 Kid Friendly

Druskininkai Aquapark Admission Ticket

In water entertainment area, you can enjoy 6 open and closed slides and a swimming pool area under a massive dome, with a wonderful view of the River Nemunas. After trying out Extreme, Adrenaline, Bermudas, Ardour, Whirpool or Stream slides you can regain the energy in the grand and sea waves pools or whirpool baths.  The unique bathhouse area welcomes all who are tired of routine, with as many as 20 different bathhouses and saunas. You are invited to experience Russian bathhouse type heated by a furnace with stones (Alnus), INFRA bath infrared electromagnetic waves, hot and dry Tilia sauna, extremely hot village style Kantri bathhouse and even more. Once out of the bathhouse or sauna, you can refresh your hot body by immersing yourself in a ‘music pool’, dousing yourself in ice-cold water from a wooden tub, trying a special bathhouse tea or choosing from a range of exotic cocktails at our ‘wet’ bar. The bathhouse area can only be entered by adults  (aged over 18), so this is a true oasis of rest where noise and exuberant chatter are replaced by tranquil relaxing music and active entertainment by passive rest.

$8.92 Cultural & Theme Tours

Soviet Grutas Park Entrance Ticket

The Grutas Park exposition discloses the negative content of the Soviet ideology and its impact on the value system. The aim of this exposition is to provide an opportunity for visitors as well as future generations to see the naked Soviet ideology which suppressed and hurt the spirit of Lithuanian nation for many decades. An outdoor exposition will lead you about 2 km- long sculpture trail, where you will find the statues of Soviet leaders, such as Lenin, Stalin and Marx. The rail carriage, guard towers, barbed wire, fragments of concentration camps and other details are meant to imitate what gulags (labor camps) were like in the Soviet Union. There are also speakers that play Soviet anthems on the outdoor exposition route. The sound, cinema and photo documentaries collected and displayed at the information centre and museum, show and denounce the ideologized Soviet propaganda culture, pseudo-science, the aims, mechanism and forms of the Soviet ideology and propaganda, and disclose the genocide of the Lithuanian nation.  The park also contains a kids' playground, a mini zoo, and a cafe, all based on the Soviet era, with the cafe even serving traditional food from the time. 

$23.79 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Atomic Bunker Museum in Karmėlava, Lithuania

Information for Visitor Please, contact us in advance in order to visit the exposition. Collection There is the biggest collection of gas masks and closed-circuit breathing apparatus in the Baltic countries. All Lithuanian and German armies and other different countries gas masks. There is gathered an impressive collection of: generators, medical instruments, radios and etc. The Nuclear Bunker Museum presents the KGB bunker! This is unique collection featuring secret surveillance equipment and devices, used by the NKVD, the KGB and special divisions of militia. So far, we could only read in books about the KGB used tracking technology or see it in movies about James Bond. KGB power structures of the Soviet Union not only persecuted the common people, but completely mistrusted their own colleagues and spied on them in both formal and informal ways. The KGB, state security committees always possessed the latest and the most innovative technology and professionally trained specialists in their field, officers, and agents. Obsolete KGB surveillance technique used to be strictly destroyed by signing special reports, while part of the technology was transferred to the military. In the KGB bunker you will see secret equipment for intrusions and secret searches, KGB phones and phone eavesdropping and coding equipment. The museum has many clandestine and portable radio communication devices, radio transmitters and receivers, communications jammers, bearing finders, remote eavesdropping equipment, eavesdropping bugs and their detection devices. We will tell you about the unique secret metal detector for detecting eavesdropping equipment or a weapon with which you can come up near the person and embrace him. You will learn about detection equipment and instruments of isotopically marked documents, money, people, and animals. We will present external monitoring, night vision devices, secret dictaphones and recorders, covert mini cameras, masked undercover video recorders. You will find out what secret scanning, photographic and filming equipment was used for copying documents upon secretly sneaking into the room. The museum has a UV and IR device for detection of micro objects and many other intriguing and unseen items. It is important for us what questions people ask themselves after visiting the Nuclear Bunker, what fears worry them, and what they muse...

$160.56 Day Trips & Excursions

Day Tour to Curonian Spit a Treasure on the Baltic Sea

Begin your journey with a ferry ride into Smiltyne, one of the most beautiful places in Lithuania, named “the corner of the world” by tourists. Make a short stop in the year-round beauty of Juodkrante. Visit Nida, one of the oldest settlements in Kursiu Nerija, founded in 1429. Discover the tranquillity, distinctive natural beauty, spectacular fishing lodges, and stylish villas that fascinate visitors to Nida. Journey to Witch Mountain, and see one of Juodkrante’s most stunning sand dunes. See the exhibition, featuring an impressive ensemble of roughly 80 oak sculptures, including witches, demons, dragons, and other fairy characters.Visit the village of Nida, founded in 1676. One of Kursiu Nerija’s best-known fishing areas, Nida is famous for its impressive Great Dune, where German writer Thomas Mann spent his summers. Admire the stylish architecture of the lodges, along with their bright décor, carvings, and nearby ancient fishing boats. See the well-preserved headstones in the old cemetery. Visit the semi-shifting dune of Parnidis and its solar clock, one of Kursiu Nerija’s most popular sites. It stands an impressive 170 feet (52 meters) high, although it used to stand 55 feet (17 meters) higher. You can alo take in views of the top of the dune from the observation deck.Next, drop into the Thomas Mann Memorial Museum. The famous writer was fascinated by the beauty of the lagoon and fishing village and built a vacation home here in 1930. Since 1995, visitors have flocked to the home-turned-museum and cultural center, which hosts concerts and poetry readings. Finally, visit the Amber Gallery and Museum in Nida. Located inside an old fisherman's house since 1993, it welcomes visitors with guard-like wooden amulets from Juodkrantė's Treasure. See all 434 original-sized amulets, and learn about their meanings. Then return to your departure point.

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