Drinking and nightlife in Southern Laos

  • Nightlife in Don Det & Don Khon

    4000 Island Bar

    Good Western and Indian food, cold drinks, friendly service and a soothing vibe combine to make this a perennial favourite among travellers. You can make new friends around the pool table, throw some darts, play your favourite tunes or just kick back, relax and enjoy the view.

  • Nightlife in Bolaven Plateau Region

    Jhai Coffee House

    Billing itself as the world’s first completely philanthropic coffee roaster and cafe located at the source, Jhai buys its beans at fair-trade prices from the Jhai Coffee Farmer Cooperative and puts 100% of profits back into local water and hygiene projects and children's education needs. It's a surprising little oasis with perfect coffee (12,000K to 15,000K) in the centre of Paksong town.

  • Nightlife in Bolaven Plateau Region

    Won Coffee

    Though run in part by 'Mr Koffie', this is very much a local spot. Besides regular organic coffees (from 10,000K), he produces his own civet-excreted kopi luwak (30,000K per cup or 250,000K per 100g) and leads coffee tours. It's in the centre of town. Look out for the 'Won Coffee' sign.

  • Nightlife in Pakse


    A chill place to drink and snack, this Thai-owned bar has live music (usually Carabao-style Thai country music) most nights except Sunday from about 7.30pm to 9pm.

  • Nightlife in Don Det & Don Khon

    Adam's Bar

    Staff are upfront about their special 'secret' ingredients, so if that's your kind of scene then this is your kind of place. Has a full menu of Lao and Western food (mains 20,000K to 55,000K) and helpful advice about the islands, too.