Must see attractions in Tokyo

  • C

    This small, peaceful temple, one of many scattered around Yanaka, houses one of the seven gods of good fortune, Juro-jin.

  • I

    This bridge provides access to the south of the Kōkyo-gaien Plaza from Hibiya.

  • K

    Built in 1940, this is the only drawbridge over the Sumida-gawa, but it hasn't been raised since 1970.

  • D

    Dōgenzaka, named for a 13th-century highway robber, is a maze of narrow streets. Home to one of Tokyo's largest clusters of love hotels (hotels for…

  • M
    Meguro Gajoen

    Tokyo's most over-the-top wedding venue is resplendent with indoor waterfalls and gilded friezes (which speaks to the fashion in Tokyo during the height…

  • M
    Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

    This Nishi-Shinjuku landmark building (completed in 2008) is a 50-storey webbed tower designed by Tange Associates. Easily identifiable among the blockier…

  • A
    Asahi Shimbun

    Get an insight into how newspapers are produced on a free tour of the Tokyo headquarters of this national newspaper. Reserve two days in advance; English…

  • S

    Built in 1636 (and partially restored after the Great Kantō Earthquake in 1923), this is one of the Imperial Palace gates that was part of the original…

  • T
    Tomio Koyama Gallery

    This is a branch of one of Tokyo's more influential contemporary-art galleries, which shows both Japanese and international artists.

  • T
    Tsukuda Ohashi

    Linking Tsukiji to the island of Tsukishima, this was the first bridge to be built over the Sumida-gawa after WWII.