Must-see attractions in Rome

  • F
    Fontana della Barcaccia

    This 1627 fountain of a sinking boat is believed to be by Pietro Bernini, father of the more famous Gian Lorenzo Bernini. It was supposedly modelled on a…

  • P
    Piazza del Foro

    This was originally the main square and meeting place on the Roman Forum. Its main feature is the free-standing Colonna di Foca.

  • F
    Fontana del Tritone

    Dating from 1643, this Bernini-designed fountain piercing Piazza Barberini depicts the sea-god Triton blowing a stream of water from a conch, while seated…

  • M
    Monumento ad Anita Garibaldi

    This dramatic monument commemorates Garibaldi's Brazilian-born wife, Anita, who died from malaria, together with their unborn child, shortly after the…

  • O

    Towering over Piazza del Popolo, this 36m-high obelisk was brought to Rome by Augustus from Heliopolis in ancient Egypt. It originally stood in the Circo…

  • M
    Museo degli Strumenti

    This museum in the Auditorium Parco della Musica showcases the 500-strong collection of historic musical instruments belonging to the Accademia di Santa…

  • A
    Arco Farnese

    An overhead arch spanning Via Giulia, the Arco Farnese was designed by Michelangelo as part of an unfinished project to connect Palazzo Farnese with Villa…

  • T
    Tempio di Adriano

    Eleven huge Corinthian columns are all that's left of the 2nd-century Tempio di Adriano. The temple formerly housed Rome’s stock exchange and is now used…

  • T
    Tempio di Portunus

    This classic Republican-era temple dedicated to the god of rivers and ports, Portunus, owes its current state of preservation to the fact that it was…

  • C
    Casino dei Principi

    Casino dei Principi, one of the three seats of the Musei Villa Torlonia, houses the archive of the Scuola Romana (Roman School of Art) and opens only to…

  • T
    Torre delle Milizie

    This red-brick tower rises above the Mercati di Traiano (Markets of Trajan). Built in the 13th century, it was owned by several of the warring families…

  • C
    Cat Sanctuary

    This volunteer-run outfit looks after about 300 cats, who have the run of the ancient ruins in the Area Sacra of Largo di Torre Argentina.

  • V
    Villa Poniatowski

    Part of the Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia, this villa has archaeological finds relating to the pre-Roman Umbri and Latin peoples.

  • T
    Tempio della Concordia

    Overshadowed by the Campidoglio hill, this Roman Forum temple is a 1st-century reconstruction of an earlier 4th-century BC sanctuary.

  • A
    Albergo Rosso

    This iconic housing block was designed by Innocenzo Sabbatini between 1928 and '29. It's a compelling yet strange combination of modern red bricks with…

  • T
    Torre dell'Orologio

    Built by Borromini between 1647 and 1648, this landmark clock tower, after which the piazza below is named, was designed for the adjacent convent of San…

  • F
    Fontana delle Api

    Bernini crafted the Fontana delle Api, in the northeastern corner of Piazza Barberini, for the Barberini family, whose crest featured three bees in flight.

  • M
    Mausoleo di Augusto

    This monumental mausoleum – a dramatic 45m wide and 90m high – was built in 28 BC and is the final resting place of Augustus, buried here in AD 14, and…

  • P
    Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

    Laid out in the late 19th century as the centrepiece of an upmarket residential district, Rome’s largest square is an ill-kempt grassy expanse, surrounded…