Must-see attractions in Israel & the Palestinian Territories

  • St George's Church


    This Greek Orthodox Church dates from the early Ottoman period, though it was built on an earlier Crusader church. Entering the courtyard, immediately on…

  • Rota Winery

    The Negev

    Rota is one of the northernmost wineries along the Negev Highlands Wine Route. Run by artist Erez Rota, this small vineyard and winery, set amongst cacti…

  • Clock Tower

    Tel Aviv

    Not quite Big Ben, this Ottoman clock tower was funded by residents to mark the 25th anniversary of the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II (1876–1909). The…

  • Masjid Jenin Al Kabir

    West Bank

    With its unmissable green roof, Masjid Jenin Al Kabir (Jenin Great Mosque), was built in 1566 on the orders of Fatima Khatun, then wife of the Governor of…

  • Al Jarina Mosque


    A few hundred metres east of Paris Sq is the late 18th-century Al Jarina Mosque, topped by an early-20th-century minaret that looks a little like a…

  • Zoo


    The shaded slopes below Gan Ha'Em are home to a compact zoo with free-roaming peacocks, an aviary, a reptile house and habitats for monkeys, meerkats,…

  • International Center of Bethlehem


    This Lutheran-run centre puts on concerts, plays, films, English-language documentaries, workshops and lectures. There’s also a coffee shop, guesthouse,…

  • Aqueduct

    North Coast

    Built by Al Jazzar around 1780 and reconstructed in the early 19th century, this Ottoman aqueduct once supplied Akko with water from the Galilee uplands…

  • Mahmoud Mosque


    Serving Haifa's Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, founded in India in 1889, this mosque is on the Mediterranean-facing slopes of Mt Carmel in the palm-lined…

  • Shalom Tower

    Tel Aviv

    This huge tower, the first skyscraper in Israel opened in 1965, is one of Tel Aviv's major landmarks and a notable part of its skyline. It has permanent…

  • Nordau Beach

    Tel Aviv

    This is the city’s religious beach, where men and women are segregated. Women can use the beach on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday; it’s the men’s turn on…

  • Hebrew Union College


    With a conical glass roof feature, the Reform Movement’s educational and cultural complex is an arresting feature of Jerusalem's downtown skyline. Part of…

  • Al Kebir Mosque

    West Bank

    Al Kebir Mosque (Great Mosque) is built on the site of an earlier Crusader church and Byzantine and Roman basilicas. Bits and pieces of its earlier…

  • Jerusalem Beach

    Tel Aviv

    Close to the Carmel Market, Jerusalem Beach is at the start of Allenby St and its seafront fountain. Come with beers, music, watermelons and a nargileh…

  • Herzliya Museum of Modern Art


    Dedicated to Israeli and international contemporary art, with an emphasis on political subject matter, this gallery aims to engage as well as entertain…

  • Milk Grotto Chapel


    A short walk from Manger Sq is the lesser-known Milk Grotto Chapel. Legend has it that Mary and Joseph stopped here to feed the baby during their flight…

  • Tomb of Turkan Khatun


    Resting place of an Uzbek prince's daughter, the tiny tomb from 1352 is adorned with carved geometric designs. Little is known of the woman interred here,…

  • Sinan Pasha Mosque


    Thought to be the earliest mosque in Akko, the so-called 'Sea Mosque’ dates to the 16th-century, though the current turquoise-domed structure was built in…

  • Argaman Beach


    A broad, sandy municipal beach with lifeguards. Though not one of Israel’s best, it’s makes for a pleasant break from exploring Akko’s ancient sights…

  • Tiberias Open Air Museum


    A sloping pedestrian park featuring sculptures by contemporary Israeli artists; most are made of mosaic tiles or carved from stone. Situated along a…

  • Tomb of Zechariah

    East Jerusalem

    The tent-roofed Tomb of Zechariah, flanked by Ionic columns, is carved out of rock. According to Jewish tradition, this is where the prophet Zechariah is…

  • Istiqlal Mosque


    Haifa's largest mosque, built in 1926, is open only to worshippers. For shoppers and travellers, it serves as a landmark signalling the start of the…

  • Khan Ash Shune


    One of the old city's four caravanserais, this old granary inn from the 18th century is located a few steps west of the eastern entrance to the Templars'…

  • Khalil Sakakini Centre


    Hosts art exhibitions by the locally and internationally renowned, along with a whole host of other cultural pursuits. Check the website for upcoming…

  • Khan Al Franj


    Built by merchants in the mid-16th century, the courtyard of this former caravanserai – the oldest in Akko – is accessible through an open archway.

  • President of Israel's Residence


    Sharp-eyed security forces will usher you briskly on your way if you linger outside the President of Israel's Residence, completed in 1971.

  • Music Beach


    This tiny strip of sand and sea, just north of the Yigal Allon Promenade, is the only place in the town centre where you can swim.

  • Grotto of St James

    East Jerusalem

    This site is where St James is believed to have hidden when Jesus was arrested nearby.