Must see attractions in Odisha

  • V

    Vaital Mandir

    This 8th-century temple, with a double-storey ‘wagon roof’ influenced by Buddhist cave architecture, was a centre of tantric worship, eroticism and bloody…

  • S


    These hallowed cremation grounds are the final earthly stop for some 40 deceased Hindus who are cremated here daily. You can watch or walk among the open…

  • R

    Raghunandan Library

    The world's saddest library — featuring a few rows of dusty, locked bookcases — does a lucrative trade by offering great views of Jagannath Mandir for non…

  • C

    Chandaka-Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary

    Only 20km west of Bhubaneswar, the 175-sq-km Chandaka-Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary was created to preserve wild elephants and their habitat. If you’re lucky…

  • M

    Markandeya Tank

    This bathing place, where Vishnu is said to have resided as a neem tree, is particularly interesting in the mornings, when locals come here for their…

  • N

    Narendra Tank

    The largest of Puri's holy tanks, this is where locals bathe on a daily basis. It's also where a replica deity of Jagannath is brought on an annual basis…

  • U

    Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary, 45km east of Sambalpur, shelters elephants, tigers, panthers and bears. It can be closed with no notice in the event of…

  • K

    Kedargauri Mandir

    Over the pathway from Mukteswar Mandir is the whitewashed Kedargauri Mandir, one of the oldest temples in Bhubaneswar (although it has been substantially…

  • B

    Brahmeswar Shiva Mandir

    Standing in well-kept gardens and flanked on its plinth by four smaller structures, this 9th-century temple is a smaller version of Lingaraj Mandir. It’s…

  • C

    Chilika Ecopark

    The grandly named Chilika Ecopark is a small but pleasant palm-tree-shaded park by the jetty. On display is a 12m-long skeleton of a baleen whale that was…

  • S

    Siddheswara Mandir

    Located in the same compound as Mukteswar Mandir, Siddheswara Mandir is a later, more austere temple with a red Ganesha adorning the facade.

  • B

    Bhaskareswara Mandir

    This 13th-century Hindu temple is dedicated to Shiva. Its central spire (deul) is architecturally distinct and the manicured lawns outside are quite…

  • R

    Regional Science Centre

    Kids will love this parkland museum with its giant dinosaurs. Included in the admission is a 30-minute movie screened hourly. Other treats are hands-on…

  • K

    Kalijai Island Temple

    Closest to Barkul, this island temple really comes to life when innumerable pilgrims travel there during the Makar Mela festival in January.