Must-see nightlife in India

  • On The Rocks

    Telangana & Andhra Pradesh

    In the basement, this large bar has very low lighting and lacks atmosphere, but if you need a beer and cheer after a tough hike it might suffice.

  • Jungle Bar


    This couple-friendly, bamboo-walled perch offers fascinating views down onto the main bazaar street or across the city from a single rear table.

  • Panera Bar


    Sink into plush sofas surrounded by huge mirrors, royal portraits and beautiful paintwork, or sit out by the pool and be served like a maharaja.

  • Café Coffee Day 'The Square'

    Chennai (Madras)

    Good old Café Coffee Day does a range of decent hot and cold coffees and teas, and some tempting cakes, in comfy air-conditioned surroundings.

  • Lost Paradise


    Palolem's latest club/dance event is a day-into-night event, where disco and funk meet house and techno at the popular Neptune Point venue.

  • Cafe Coffee Day


    Our favourite Indian coffee chain – known as CCD by locals – sits in prime position at the start of MG Rd's upscale shopping district.

  • Bar Matala

    Himachal Pradesh

    The most appealing feature of the business hotel Shobla Royale is sipping a drink in the bay-window view-seats of its low-key bar.

  • Melting Point


    The main cafe often has blaring TV but head straight through for three shaded, balcony tables with fine mountain-valley views.

  • Café Coffee Day

    Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh

    Quality fresh coffee. The location up a short lane overlooking the lake is vying for India’s best espresso with a view.

  • House of Tea


    Sit and sip a variety of teas from several local Goodricke estates before purchasing a package of your favourite leaves.

  • Café Coffee Day

    Ooty (Udhagamandalam)

    Reliably good coffee, tea and cakes. There's another branch on Church Hill Rd.

  • Café Coffee Day

    Ooty (Udhagamandalam)

    Dependably tasty coffee, tea and cakes. There's another branch on Garden Rd.

  • Café Coffee Day

    Chennai (Madras)

    This much-loved cafe chain is always decent for coffees, cakes and teas.

  • Vihar


    This cliffside hotel bar-restaurant is OK for a relaxed sundowner.

  • Café Coffee Day

    Chennai (Madras)

    South Chennai branch of this popular, reliable coffee chain.

  • Café Coffee Day

    Chennai (Madras)

    Good chain coffee shop with branches around Chennai.

  • Cheers Bar


    Bathed in the dim glow of pastel-hued lights, this bar at the Hotel Brijwasi Royal is an acceptable if somewhat gloomy place to drink to a jazztronica…

  • Khyber


    Upstairs overlooking the roundabout at the top of The Mall, Khyber is a fun place for a beer or fruit wine if you like the old-world 1970s-India vibe, and…

  • Gem

    Old Delhi (Shahjahanabad)

    This wood-panelled dive is the kind of place you can forget what time of day it is – a dark, smoky, long-standing Paharganj hang-out that's popular with …

  • Sangan Bar

    Nubra Valley

    Nubra's only drinking hole is an unmarked collection of cabanas hidden discreetly behind unmarked metal gates, next door to the Sten-Del Hotel access lane…

  • Café Coffee Day


    It may be heresy to drink coffee in Darjeeling but if you need a hit, this reliable chain has a useful location at Chowrasta. The sunny terrace offers…

  • XL Hotel

    Kochi (Cochin)

    The most casual and salubrious of Fort Cochin's beer parlours, the upstairs bar at XL attracts locals and travellers looking for a cold Kingfisher.

  • Barista


    A popular modern cafe with a coffee machine and an excellent bookshop in the back.

  • Tashna Bar


    Inside, this is a typical hotel bar, but it has the added attraction of a beer garden on a well-tended lawn.

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