Welcome to Galgibag & Talpona

Near the southern end, 'Turtle Beach’ is where rare, long-lived olive ridley marine turtles come to nest on the beach between November and March. This is a protected area: a Forest Department information hut here should be staffed during nesting season.

Undertows and currents can be strong here, so although lifeguards are stationed at either end, swimming out of your depth is not recommended.

With your own transport, getting to Talpona and Galgibag is half the fun. From Palolem or Chaudi, a wonderfully scenic back road follows the Talpona River then skirts behind the beach to Galgibag. From here you can continue along the Galgibag River to join up with NH17 at Poinguinum.

There are a handful of low-key beach shacks at Talpona and a pair of excellent cafes and a few beach huts at Galgibag.

Surya Beach Café, nestled at Galgibag’s southern end in the pine trees, specialises in fresh oysters, clams, mussels and crabs caught from the Galgibag River. Surya himself will show you the live catch and prepare it 'rava’ fried or spicy Goan-style. Delicious. It’s a simple place with plastic chairs on the sand, but they make much of the claim that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has dined here and recommended it. Surya also has two timber beach bungalows (₹3500) for rent.

Next door, Santosh Family Restaurant does much the same thing but claims to have been recommended by Jamie Oliver!

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