Must-see shopping in Rethymno Province

  • M
    Marianna’s Workshop

    Just up from Maroulas' charming main square you’ll find tiny Marianna’s Workshop. Marianna Founti-Vassi collects aromatic medicinal herbs from the…

  • L
    Leather Studio Kanakakis

    At this small store-workshop you can watch the owner make quality handmade leather belts in all sorts of colours and designs. There’s also a good…

  • F
    Frosso Bora Pottery Studio & Shop

    Local artist Frosso Bora makes beautiful pots, vases, candlesticks, bowls and other vessels from local clay using the wheel or slabs. Prices are very…

  • S

    John Spantidakis works with raw leather – not pre-dyed or pre-cut – to create handmade bags, belts and wallets that will make you crave leatherware like…

  • W
    Wood Art

    Many of the wooden ware you find in Greece has been imported from Tunisia. But Niko Siragas creates his own here using woodturning techniques dating back…

  • K

    Much of George and Marinki’s pottery is created using Minoan techniques and designs and is fired in wood, resulting in a brown finish. (The red finish is…

  • M
    Maravel Shop

    Along the main tourist drag is this store selling organic beauty products made using ingredients grown in its nearby garden. There's an interesting…

  • Z

    In the main square just down from the Orthodox church is this small cheesemaker that whips up daily batches of homemade halloumi and graviera; all are…

  • I

    This gallery is an explosion of colour. Brightly glazed bowls, plates, light fixtures, raki cups and other small (and not so small) keepsakes line the…

  • L
    Lappa Avocado Shop

    Across the street from the remains of Ancient Lappa and under the stone archway, you’ll find the Lappa Avocado Shop. It sells organic cold-pressed avocado…

  • A
    Avli Raw Materials

    Foodies will love the store at Avli restaurant, packed with a huge range of gourmet delights from around Greece, including great wines, olive oil,…

  • D
    Diskopoleion Music Store

    This pint-sized music store is run by a knowledgeable owner with good taste in Greek rock, punk, psychedelica and jazz, along with traditional Cretan…

  • G
    Gallios Ceramic Art

    Down a side road at the top of the village (look for the sign 'Ceramic Art'), Konstantinos Gallios makes some beautiful pieces, displayed in his inviting…

  • L

    This tiny store filled with musical instruments is the place to get that bouzouki or Cretan lyra. You can also pick up CDs of local Cretan music.

  • I
    Ilias Spondidakis

    Tiny bookstore tucked down a souk-like alley has novels in English, books on Crete, maps, CDs of Greek music and a small secondhand section.

  • X
    Xenos Typos

    This place sells foreign press, plus books on Crete and maps.

  • S

    Hidden away in Rethymno's labyrinth of alleys is this bakery that's been at it since 1958. As well as freshly baked spanakopita and pastries, it's most…

  • F
    Forum Shopping Centre

    Covering most tourist needs, the waterfront Forum has two floors of beach apparel, travel accessories, postcards, souvenirs and books on Crete.

  • M

    English-language books, travel guides, international periodicals and maps.