Must-see nightlife in Gazi, Keramikos & Metaxourgio

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    Blue Parrot

    Lashes of hanging greenery and a laid-back vibe, both inside and outside, make the Blue Parrot one of the area's most pleasant spots to hang out over a…

  • Bios

    Occupying a Bauhaus apartment building, this multilevel warren has a great rooftop bar, restaurant, basement club and tiny art-house cinema. Expect live…

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    If you ever thought the problem with skateboarding was that there was nowhere to drink a coffee while you did it, Latraac have solved this for you. A…

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    Just one in a strip of near-perfect bohemian bars on the pedestrianised street of Salaminos, the heart of the cool Keramikos scene. All with a good mix of…

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    II Rantanplan

    Named after the singing dog in the comic strip Lucky Luke, this convivial cafe-bar occupies a sunny and picturesque spot on a square surrounding an 11th…

  • S

    Since it opens a bit earlier than other Gazi LGBT bars and clubs, this is usually where the rainbow dance-and-party crowd starts off the night. Check…

  • B

    Gazi's gay bar and club scene can be a little homogenous, but this quirkier, more casual club breaks that mould. The vibe is friendly and open, and there…

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    A Liar Man

    Colourful mosaic decorations and a more hushed vibe make this Gazi alleyway hideout a pleasant antidote to other top-volume bars and clubs nearby. It…

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    Popular lesbian cafe-bar-restaurant on a somewhat unkempt square, with a motorcycle clubhouse (unrelated) upstairs. Archetypal Metaxourgio, in other words.

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    Beaver Collective

    This women-run cooperative cafe is of course lesbian-friendly, but also just generally friendly. Sunday brunch gets a good crowd and cocktails flow freely.

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    Cosy hub for Athens' lively bear scene.

  • M

    Cocktails get the molecular treatment here, arriving at the table fizzing or smoking, or transformed into gums and powders. The harsh front room opens…

  • T

    This bar is a short walk away from the hubbub of Gazi and has a laid-back atmosphere to match.

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    Stays packed with the younger gay, lesbian and transgender crowd. Check theme nights online.