Must-see restaurants in Munich

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    Schneider Brauhaus

    One of Munich's classic beer halls, this place is charged in the evenings with red-faced, ale-infused hilarity, with Alpine whoops accompanying the rabble…

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    With its screechy parquet floors, stuccoed ceilings, wood panelling and virtually no trace that the last century even happened, this wonderfully…

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    Prinz Myshkin

    This place is proof, if any were needed, that the vegetarian experience has well and truly left the sandals, beards and lentils era. Ensconced in a former…

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    Weinhaus Neuner

    This Munich institution has been serving Bavarian-Austrian classics and a long wine list for well over 100 years. Take a break from the hop-infused frenzy…

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    Tantris means 'the search for perfection' and here, at one of Germany's most famous restaurants, it's not far off it. The interior design is full-bodied …

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    Bearing an old name for southern Vietnam, this cosmopolitan Asian fusion restaurant is Munich's top place for Vietnamese and Chinese concoctions. The food…

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    It took Bobby Bräuer, head chef at the gourmet restaurant at BMW World, just two years to gain his first Michelin star. Munich's top dining spot is the…

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    Is it a junk shop, a cafe or a sewing shop? Well, Westend's oddest coffeehouse is in fact all three, and everything you see in this converted haberdashery…

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    This wood-panelled Munich institution is well loved for its attentive service, expertly prepared food and dark, well-stocked hardwood bar containing what…

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    Munich has a multitude of Italian eateries, but Galleria is a cut above the rest. The compact interior hits you first, a multihued, eclectic mix of…

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    Dinner Hopping

    Be driven around Munich in an old yellow US schoolbus as you enjoy either an Italian, American or Bavarian three-course dinner to the accompaniment of a…

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    The terms 'happy hour', 'cocktail' and 'chilled vibe' don't normally go together with the word 'Afghan', but that's exactly the combination you get at…

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    Wirtshaus in der Au

    This Bavarian tavern's simple slogan is 'Beer and dumplings since 1901', and it's this time-honoured staple – dumplings – that's the speciality here (the…

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    La Vecchia Masseria

    In an area traditionally settled by Italians, this is one of Munich's longest-established Italian osterie. Choose between the small beer garden out front…

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    Munich has a huge Afghan community, the most respected eatery of which is this much-lauded restaurant done out in the style of a Central Asian…

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    Il Mulino

    This much-loved neighbourhood classic has been feeding Italophiles and immigrants from the beautiful country for over three decades. All the expected…

  • O

    The bookish cafe at the Literaturhaus cultural centre is a commendably stylish spot, with high ceilings, rows of small central-European cafe tables and…

  • V

    Reservations are compulsory at this petite veggie spot, where Indian odds and ends, a piano and a small Victorian fireplace distract little from the…

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    Les Deux Brasserie

    Below the eponymous fine-dining restaurant, Les Deux's ground-floor brasserie is perfect for taking a tasty break without breaking the budget. Choose from…

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    This vegan restaurant has an uncluttered, wood-rich interior where health-conscious diners feast on meat-and-dairy-free pastas, burgers, salads, soya…