Whether you think it a marvel or a monstrosity, the 217m-high Fernsehturm is one of Stuttgart's most visible landmarks, with its needle-thin concrete spire poking up above the city. Built in 1956, it was the world's first TV tower and the prototype for all to come. It goes without saying that the 360° views from the lookout platform and panoramic cafe are a knock-out, reaching over the city (particularly impressive when illuminated) to the Swabian Alps beyond.

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Nearby Stuttgart attractions

1. Bohnenviertel

1.13 MILES

To really slip under Stuttgart’s skin, mosey through one of the city’s lesser-known neighbourhoods. Walk south to Hans-im-Glück Platz, centred on a…

2. Karlsplatz

1.49 MILES

A bronze equestrian statue of German Emperor Wilhelm I (r 1871-1888) stands proud on Karlsplatz.

3. Stiftskirche

1.55 MILES

Topped by two mismatched towers, this largely 15th-century church has Romanesque origins.

4. Landesmuseum Württemberg

1.55 MILES

An archway leads to the turreted 10th-century Altes Schloss, where this museum features regional archaeology and architecture. The historic booty includes…

5. Neues Schloss

1.57 MILES

Standing proud on stately Schlossplatz, the three-winged Neues Schloss is Duke Karl Eugen von Württemberg’s answer to Versailles. The baroque-neoclassical…

6. Schillerplatz

1.58 MILES

Cobbled Schillerplatz is where the poet-dramatist Friedrich Schiller is immortalised in bronze.

8. Landtag

1.61 MILES

One of Oberer Schlossgarten's most eye-catching landmarks is the ultra-modern Landtag, a glass rectangle housing the state parliament.