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$500.08 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Cagliari: Amazing Experience Asinara Island National Park Private Tour

Two days private tour experience in the Asinara National Park. A 3 hours drive from Cagliari through the beautiful Sardinian countryside to get to the northwest of the island where we will take the dinghy or a boat. Experience a world where time stood still, in a miniature version of Sardinia: untouched nature and fascinating old buildings.Rounded hills cloaked in Mediterranean green, local breeds such as the white donkey, and the thousand colours of the sea and its teeming sea bed. Asinara's natural heritage, which stretches over 50 square kilometres, was designated a national park in 1997 and protected marine area in 2002. The island's extraordinary history, separated from the mainland by Piana island and the road through Fornelli, has kept it intact.The earliest traces of human activity is the domus de Janas in Campu Perdu. In the 20th century, the area became the criminal wing of the local jail, in particular hosting the stables where the prisoners worked. The medieval period is represented by the ruins of the Camaldolese convent of Sant'Andrea and the Castellaccio castle, set on a hilltop with a path leading up to it. From around 1600, the island was settled by a fishing and farming community. When a lazaretto and agricultural colony was established in 1885. Don't miss the Ossuary built in 1936 to contain the bones of 7,000 Austro-Hungarians deported during WWI. Asinara remained isolated for more than a century, and even more so when the maximum security prison was built in 1975 for Red Brigade members, kidnappers and mafia bosses such as Raffaele Cutolo and Totò Riina.This suggestive environmental and historical place, the wild and uncontaminated nature of one of the major Sardinian islands will amaze you in every way. First stop in a small village inhabited by fishermen up to 1885 where a former prison has become a hostel, the next morning ready for a Jeep Tour of about 6 hours to visit the whole island. We will have the opportunity to swim in an incredibly crystalline water, relax an enjoy your snack. Your local guide will be keen to make the tour as personal as possible. He will assist you with his expertise and recall interesting anecdotes for you before leaving the island.