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$25.12 Cultural & Theme Tours

Chateau Royal de Cognac Tour with Tasting in Cognac

Meet your guide in the afternoon and start your tour of the Royal Château de Cognac. The visit is divided in two high points: the first one involves the history of France, and the second one the elaboration of the Baron Otard cognac. In the first part, you will learn, thanks to your professional guide, about the Château de Cognac, located in Cognac city, which is a 13th century historical monument and a French history memorial. Hear about the history of France from the 13th to the 19th century, and discover the prestigious State Room, where King Francis 1st hosted his guests. At the end of the 18th century, the Chateau was purchased by Baron Otard. The Château is known for its exceptional environment, temperature and humid condition, perfect for ageing spirits. You will explore the humid cellars in the depth of Château where the best eaux-de-vie are still ageing today with the exceptional natural conditions. You will end your tour in the Chateau with a tasting of two different types of cognac: Baron Otard VSOP and XO Gold. The Château de Cognac is ideally located at 90 minutes drive away from Bordeaux and Poitiers and 50 minutes drive away from the Atlantic Coast.

$142.72 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Cognac Private Craft Distilleries and Vineyards Private Tour

Meet your guide in the morning at a centrally located place in Cognac or at your hotel if within 15 minutes drive from the Tourism Office. In this full day private tour, discover an interesting way to approach various philosophies in the making of cognac. You will visit 2 family estates with their distilleries and taste their production : Pineau and single estate cognacs. Follow your expert guide through the vineyards with many stops where he will explain the wine growing comparatively to viticulture in vineyards producing wines to drink.  You will visit a traditional barrel factory (not open to public). The tour is also an opportunity to discover Romanesque churches, typical sceneries of a terroir considered by many as the “French Tuscany”.  At a typical restaurant, you may have a nice traditional Charentaise lunch (not included) prepared with local produces, from starters to coffee...When touring the vineyard, you will also see where the smallest French University (25 students) is and you will get a sense on the historical relationship between Catholic and Protestant communities which live here in the Cognac country.The tour includes:- Visit of a family estate with its distillery. Tasting at the end of the visit. - Visit of a second distillery which is supplying eau-de-vie to "world famous" Cognac houses. At the end of the tour, your guide will drive you back to Cognac at around 6:30pm. Please note that in July and August, cooperages are closed. Their visit is consequently being replaced by the visit of an wine estate producing wines, cognacs and Pineau des Charentes.

$39.96 Private & Custom Tours

Cognac Masterclass Tour

Cognac is a spirit unlike any other. Do you know that the cognac may include up to 45 different flavors? Some of the tricks on the elaboration will be revealed to you. During this 2.5 hours tour, you will learn all about its production: selection of the wines. harvest of the grapes, wine making, distillation, ageing, and bottling. The tour is also suitable for people reluctant to drink strong alcohol, as they can enjoy learning about the history, and smelling the delicate perfume of the cognac. Cognac can be drunk as an aperitif or digestive, as a long drink or cocktail. You will explore many other ways to drink it and how to pair it with food. You will participate actively in a tasting workshop with an expert who will introduce you to the elixir of cognac, and help you discover the various distinctive flavours, characteristics, vintages and blends of the great cognacs. Enjoy a full presentation and tasting of 3 cognacs from different vintages, ages and blends. At the end of the tour, you will be able to recognize and appreciate a well-balanced good cognac.

$41.10 Tours & Sightseeing

Mobile Wifi Everywhere in Cognac

Rent your personal 4G mobile hotspot, and enjoy internet where and when you want in Cognac, share your memories instantly with your friends and family. Save on incredibly high data roaming coasts. You are unlimited. Absolutely unlimited data and you can share the connection with 10 WiFi enabled devices, simultaneously. Feel free to share it with your friends or family.The connection is ultra-fast if you are covered with 4G. If 4G is not available in your area, then you will be connected to the 3G+ or 3G network. You will receive your hotspot in a protective cover directly at your hotel or any place in Cognac city centre.Just turn on the personal hotspot, on your WiFi enabled device (Smartphone, tablet, laptop or other), choose the hotspot's network name and you're connected. At the end of your rental, you just have to drop your package in any mailbox you can see! Ready to enjoy your stay in France!

$185.72 Day Trips & Excursions

Angouleme to Cognac Distillery and Cooperage Tour with Tasting

During this private full day tour, you will discover 3 of the various facets of cognac. Your guide will pick you up at Angouleme train station of at your accommodation in Angouleme. Your first  visit will be at the Courvoisier headquarter and museum where you will learn about the history and the production of cognac. The visit ends by a tasting of several cognacs paired with some appetizers.Have your lunch (not included), in a typical restaurant suggested by your guide : a true moment of conviviality and the best way to experiment the French way of life.Craft distillers represent less than 2 % of the cognac worldwide market but they own and operate 97 % of the vineyard. When meeting one of them, you will observe the elaboration of cognac from vine to glass. Then, you will move towards the distillery where you will taste some local products. Without barrels there is no cognac. Barrels are one of most important tool to elaborate cognac. As 50% of the French cooperages are located in the vineyard of cognac, touring the vineyard has to include the visit of one of them (not open to public). Please note that in July and August, cooperages are closed. Instead, you will visit a wine estate producing wines, cognacs and Pineau des Charentes.At the end of the tour, your guide will drive you to your accommodation in Bordeaux or Saint-Emilion at around 6:30pm.

$159.84 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Bordeaux Wine and Cognac Distillery Tour with Wine Workshop

Meet your guide in the morning in a central place in Cognac or at your hotel in Cognac if within 15min drive from the Cognac Tourism Office. Start your tour with a family of wine growers who owns two châteaux in Bordeaux vineyards : one in Haut-Médoc and the other one in Côte de Bordeaux and will gladly present you their estate. After visiting the Châteaux, you will attend an enological workshop where you will learn how to recognize wines from different grape varieties. There, you will create your own bottle of Bordeaux red wine by blending several grape varieties. Of course, you will take back home your personalized bottle. Have your lunch (not included). Your guide can suggest a typical restaurant where you will taste local French food. In the afternoon, you will visit two cognac estates and meet the producers during a private visit of their wine cellars and distilleries. They will present the vine-growing process and you will be able to compare it with the Bordeaux one. Then you will go to their distillery to understand how wines become fresh eau-de-vie of cognac.Finally, after the theory, the practice. You will taste their various products : Pineau des Charentes and single estate cognacs. The tour gives you also the opportunity to discover Romanesque churches, typical sceneries of a very beautiful, discreet and peaceful region, close to the city of Bordeaux.At the end of the tour, your guide will drive you back to Bordeaux.