Drinking and nightlife in Eastern Ethiopia

  • Nightlife in Harar

    Negeyo Cafe

    Overlooking Feres Megala, Negeyo's agreeable terrace is a good place to catch local vibes and enjoy plenty of local colour. It has an appetising selection of cakes and pastries and concocts superb fruit juices. Oh, and it serves delectable coffee.

  • Nightlife in Dire Dawa

    Hamdail Coffee House

    Brimming with good cheer, this large place with a modernish feel is an ideal refuelling stop after a walking tour in the area. It serves excellent macchiatos, cappuccinos and fresh juices (from Birr15) and has an appetising selection of pastries.

  • Nightlife in Dire Dawa

    Mekonnen Hotel

    Cheap beers and great people-watching. From around 6pm the footpath tables are packed with men talking politics and sipping coffee and beer.

  • Nightlife in Dire Dawa

    Dini Paradise

    This ramshackle place near the bridge is a great place to relax over a cup of coffee or a delicious frappé. Food is only so-so.