Must see shopping in Addis Ababa

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    soleRebels Footwear

    Eight years after being founded by designer Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu to help talented artisans in her neighbourhood, soleRebels Footwear's shoes are made…

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    Alert Handicraft Shop

    Here the Berhan Taye Leprosy Disabled Persons Work Group produces and sells beautiful handbags, pillow covers and wall hangings, each emblazoned with…

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    Gallery 21

    Of all the shops/stalls north of Haileselassie Alemayehu on Churchill Ave, this gallery has the biggest selection (if you ask to see the back room) and…

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    Makush Art Gallery & Restaurant

    This gallery and restaurant has an excellent, carefully selected collection of high-quality furniture and paintings created by around 70 emerging and well…

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    Shiro Meda Market

    If you’re interested in blankets, Ethiopian wedding attire or traditional clothing like a shamma (shawl worn by highlander men), head to this group of…

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    Abyssinia Honey King

    Stocking local, naturally produced honeys with not a chemical in sight, this place is as good for your breakfast as it is for an unusual but authentically…

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    City-centre branch of Addis' best bookshop chain, with a small but good selection of books on Ethiopia.

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    Branch of Addis' best bookshop chain, just north of the city centre.

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    Tourist Information Shop

    This small, dusty shop has little to inspire but it does offer a handful of birding and other natural history books, which is quite the rarity here.

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    Africans Bookshop

    An OK place for second-hand books on Ethiopia, particularly those out of print. That said, selection is very limited.