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Following the 1959 opening of the M1 motorway to London, it was zealously developed as a commuter town, which saw the demolition of many of its historic buildings, but the city's heart still retains some grand architecture.

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$131.36 Outdoor Activities

Junior Rally Driving Outing at Silverstone

Give younger drivers a preview of the racing life on this thrilling, 2-hour outing. Bookable for any time between 10am and 4pm, the session allows participants between the ages of 10 and 16 to drive on the Silverstone rally course. In the company of an instructor, they’ll practice several specific skills in a Ford KA, and will also enjoy a high-speed passenger ride around the course.The experience begins with a safety and driving briefing, after which participants will receive a brief, in-car demonstration on techniques ranging from handbrake turns to sliding. After that, it’s time to hop in the driver’s seat to practice these new skills. Kids can do doughnuts, figure-8s, and try out other thrilling maneuvers.Then, they’ll put into practice their newfound skills and will drive a full gravel rally stage. The experience will end when they join their instructor as passengers during a high-speed ride around the rally course.Participants don’t need to have previous driving experience in order to enroll for this rally driving outing, and all drivers are accompanied by an instructor in the car. Groups are limited to six participants.

$224.24 Outdoor Activities

Half-Day Rally Driving Experience at Silverstone

Make your own way to the Silverstone Rally School at 9am to meet your instructor and kick off your experience with a safety briefing and theory session covering basic rally driving techniques and car control. Then, jump into your Subaru Impreza, Subaru Turbo, or Escort MK2 rally car (depending on tour option chosen) to try out power sliding. After a short demonstration by your instructor, each pupil takes a turn in the driving seat to practice the basic 'sideways' control movements, using maneuvers that coordinate power and steering balance.Next, it's time for a demonstration of handbrake turns, after which each pupil will have chance to try out handbrake turns, hard cornering and car positioning techniques, tackling a sequence of tight corners. Then, take the wheel for a third time to combine both techniques during a thrilling test drive along the special gravel-surfaced rally track. Finally, move into the passenger seat and buckle up for a high-speed lap as your instructor takes the wheel and demonstrates the true potential of the car.

$131.36 Outdoor Activities

Rally Experience at Silverstone

Give rally driving a try at Silverstone during this memorable, 1-hour outing. Hosted by the Silverstone rally course, and held between 10am and 4pm, the class will introduce participants to the basics of gravel rally driving.The outing begins with a safety briefing and introduction to the sport. After you’ve been schooled in rally driving basics, hop in the car with your instructor for a hands-on demonstration.Then, it’s time to jump in the driver’s seat, where you’ll get to practice new, rally-specific skills, including handbrake turns and power slides. Once you’ve had sufficient practice, you’ll end the day’s adventure by going for a loose rally stage around the course, navigating the gravel surface with aplomb.

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