Museum in Roskilde

Within a startling architectural statement of a building, this spirit-lifting, highly interactive museum delivers a multisensory, experiential and often humorous journey through the evolution of rock music and youth culture from the 1950s to the present. Walls of headphones let you listen to music time capsules, and spin-to-hear turntables explain about gramophones. Play with interactive musical lights, learn why toilets were integral to Danish music production and practise various dance steps on the hot-spot stage beside the 'world's biggest mirror ball'.

There's a powerful start as a sound-blasted Tardis of an elevator deposits you in a disorienting kaleidoscope of mirrors. Turn left and pop your head through a hole to further the experience that tries to suggest what an acid trip might feel like. While a lot is about Danish pop-rock, non-Danes will find ample that's resonant, and much of the info is in English or comes with subtitles. The museum's setting is interesting in itself, within the increasingly arty post-industrial Musicon district south of central Roskilde.