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10 Day Los Llanos Adventure Colombia

Day 1: On arrival at Bogotá airport, there will be a transfer waiting for you, to bring you to your hotel. Here your 10 day trip will start. Day 2 (B): Your tour starts with a private city tour in Bogotá. In the capital of Colombia you will explore the narrow streets of La Candelaria, the historical center of Bogotá. Then you will visit the museum of gold (closed on Mondays) and the museum of Botero (closed on Tuesdays). Also you will go to the hill ''Monserrate''by a cable car. Day 3 (B): On this day, you will have a transfer to the surroundings of Tobia, a warm village close to Bogotá. It is famous for its extreme sports and nature, which you are going to explore by horse. Day 4 (B): This day you will start with a transfer to Villavicencio. Here you will go horseback riding and you will have a visit to the Gramalote farm, where you will have a hike in the area. Day 5 (B): First you will have a transport to Gramalote on this day. Here you will go horseback riding, with in the afternoon another hike in the area. Day 6 (B): On this day, there will only be a private transportation to Yopal. Day 7 (B,D): On this day you will have a private transportation to Hato de Aurora. In the afternoon you will have a hike in the area. Day 8 (B,D): Early in the morning, you will be going birdwatching. In the afternoon you will have another horseback riding activity waiting for you. Day 9 (B,D): On this day, there are more horseback riding activities and hikes for you. Day 10 (B): On your last day, you will have a private transport to Yopal.

$875 Multi-day & Extended Tours

4-Day Jungle Tour to the Amazon from Bogota

Day 1: Arriving from Villavicencio or Bogota airport (depending on flight availability) Caño Piedra (swimming- animal watching) 2 hours River Tour for Pink Dolphins watching sunset. Day 2: Raudal  Amazon river tour (Wildlife Viewing): Here you will have the chance to see some amazing wildlife as you cruise along the Guayabero River. This is arguably the single most biodiverse spot on earth counting species per hectare. Endemic flora and fauna galore, and your guide will be an amazing source of knowledge along the way. El Raudal. This is a rapid from the Guayabero River, formed among the walls of ancient rocks. The place is a kind of open-air archaeological museum with ancient petroglyphs visible. Hike to rock city (1 hour- 2 miles in length) Day 3: Caño Canoas (includes camping) This part of the trip is done by motorcycle. Here you will see some parts of river that are like caño cristales. Same rock formation and plants (macarenia clavijera).  Like every day we get up early in the morning. Together we prepare our cars for the day’s adventures. After breakfast we head to ‘Caño Canoas’. This is a unique destination, since very few tourists come here. Breathtaking waterfalls await you in the dense jungle. Before sunset we return to our base camp where we will enjoy a meal and discuss the day’s adventures. Day 4: Return to Bogota Returning to La Macarena to take the plane back to Bogota. The distance from Caño Canoas to La Macarena is about 2.5 to 3 hours depending on road condition and rain. From here you will take the trip back to villavicencio and then Bogota (or straight to Bogota if flights are available).