Must-see shopping in Lhasa

  • Dropenling


    This impressive nonprofit enterprise aims to bolster traditional Tibetan handicrafts in the face of rising Chinese and Nepali imports. Products are unique…

  • Tromsikhang Market


    This bazaar-like area in the old town has the widest selection of dried fruit and nuts (imported from Xinjiang) and is the place to buy such Tibetan…

  • Barkhor Supermarket


    The souvenir stalls that once clogged the Barkhor Circuit were shepherded a couple of years ago into this three-storey concrete building with a Tibetan…

  • Norling Supermarket


    Located near the Muslim quarter, this Tibetan-run Nepali shop sells everything from imported muesli and digestive biscuits to Indian spices, sun cream and…

  • Dropenling – Beijing Donglu


    This convenient branch of Lhasa's best handicraft's shop doesn't have the selection of the main outlet but is good on stylish pillows, children's toys and…

  • Baiyi Supermarket


    Boasts a wide range of foodstuffs from frozen squid to ripe pineapples to a bewildering array of dried yak meat. The upper floor contains one of Lhasa's…

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